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Who Was Behind the Gudlar Sting Operation?

While it is known that Ayala Driham, sister of Israeli drug dealer David Driham alias Dudu languishing in the jail in Goa over drugs charges carried out the sting operation exposing the ugly underside of the Anti Narcotics Cell of Goa Police, who planned, financed this operation remains shrouded in mystery.
Ayala in her statement while admitting that she carried out the sting operation against Police Sub Inspector Sunil Gudlar along with her brother’s girlfriend Zarina however also revealed that she was urged to carry out the operation by some people, whom she has not named.
She revealed that she was approached in October 2010 by some person in Israel who showed a keen interest in the police-drug dealer nexus in Goa and asked her if she was willing to be the decoy to prove that police do supply drugs.

Having agreed, she was asked to cultivate PSI Gudlar with whom she was already in touch due to her brother Dudu’s case and accordingly she kept calling up Gudlar and became quite friendly with him.
On instructions from her handler, she fixed up the meeting with Gudlar and the entire meeting was recorded which showed Gudlar not only passing on charas to the two girls but also boasting of how money can get things done in the department and in the bargain also implicated his senior officers of taking bribes.
A team from Israel came down to Goa to carry out the sting operation of which three tapes have already been released and what more is there is not yet known.
Surprisingly, the police have not yet taken any action on the revelations made in the three tapes which are quite serious in nature, except for shunting Gudlar away from the ANC.

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