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Why Are MLAs Not Arrested In Balli Incident, Ask Accused

The Crime Branch was put in an embarrassing position with the advocates for the accused in the Balli case questioning the non arrest of two MLAs  Ramesh Tawadkar and Vassudev Gaonkar and also Chief Minister’s PA Prakash Velip.
Arguing the bail application of United Tribals Associations Alliance activists Govind Gawde and Malu Velip, Advocate Radharao Gracias pointed out that they were common people not in a position to influence any witnesses most of whom were government servants.
On the other hand he questioned why the police have not arrested influential accused like the two MLAs and the chief minister’s PA who he said were in a position to influence witnesses given the positions they occupy.
Advocate Anacleto Viegas pointed out that the police have not found any incriminating evidence against the two even though they have been in police custody for 20 days.
However, Atmaram Nadkarni who has been appointed as a special prosecutor argued that public confidence will be shaken if the two are released on bail.
Judge Bimba Thaly will pronounce her order on the bail application on 2nd July.

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