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Why did Congress make an exception from Muslim males from Pakistan settled in Kerala on Long Term Visas?

In a rather shocking revelation coming from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) document titled ‘Long Term Visa (LTV) to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan nationals coming to India on valid travel documents i.e. valid passport and valid visa and seeking permanent settlement in India with a view to acquire Indian citizenship’ Goa Chronicle has learned that during the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government provided exemption to Pakistani Muslim males. Strangely, for Pakistanis males living in Kerala only.

Under Rule 3 of the MHA document, it states, “Following class of persons have been exempted from the provisions of rule 3 of the Passport (Entry into India) Rules, 1950 by Notification S.O. No.1115 (E) dated 15.5.2010 issued by the Central Government:-

“Male Muslim community member being originally Indian citizen went to Pakistan after partition leaving behind family in India and returned back to India and settled in the State of Kerala on a valid passport issued by the Government of Pakistan which has either been expired or lost and – (i) such person has gone to Pakistan between the period of 15th August 1947 and 31st December 1965; (ii) such person should not have married while in Pakistan; (iii) such person should not have acquired any immovable property in Pakistan; (iv) such person, while going to Pakistan, should have left behind family members who are Indian citizens; (v) such person should have no intention whatsoever of returning to Pakistan; (vi) such person should have any adverse report from the police and security agencies.

State Governments / UT Administrations may consider cases for extension of the LTV of such persons covered under the Notification S.O. no. 1115(E) dated 15.5.2010 under their delegated powers without insisting on validity of passports.”

This notification in 2010 under the UPA 2 led by the Congress raises questions on the exemption granted only Pakistani Muslim males an exemption on Long Term Visas, that too, a Pakistani Muslim male only settled in Kerala.

Shockingly the notification firmly states that state governments and UT administrations may consider cases for extension without insisting on validity of passports.

It is important to note that after Kashmir, it is Kerala that is emerging as a hotbed of Islamic radical mindset fuelled by radical teachings and finance from controversial Muslim organisations in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan.

Over the last couple of years Kerala has reportedly witnessed over 45 cases linked to ISIS. In fact in April 2017, during the US strike in ISIS Khorasan Province, US Marines caught a few Indians from Kerala and some men from Kerala were also killed in the strike.

Goa Chronicle questions whether this exemption to Pakistani Muslim males settled only in Kerala will be examined by the current BJP-led government.


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