Why has the government woken up now? Savio

Were the Chief Minister of Goa and the government sleeping till now on the Dum Maro Dum movie issue, as they have now decided to form a committee to view the movie before release its release? Asked Founder and Editor in Chief of Goa Chronicle. Com who has filed a public interest litigation seeking a ban on the release of the movie.
The Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on Saturday announced a seven member committee to view the movie that has stirred a controversy in Goa with various organizations and individuals taking umbrage to the film’s promos being aired on television channels.

The committee comprises of Ezilda Sapeco, Goa State’s Women Commission, IGP Sundari Nanda, Margao-based Bima Naik, local newspaper editor Arun Sinha, ESG MD Manoj Srivastava, information and publicity director Menino Peres and Rajeev Verma, secretary, information and publicity.
Savio Rodrigues conceded that technically, he could not be a part of the committee but questioned the government’s intention in forming the committee now after sleeping over it for months since the time Travel & Tourism Association of Goa had first raised the issue earlier.
The issue of Dum Maro Dum had been first raised by the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa over two months back. Yet the government did nothing over it, he said further pointing out that even in the recently concluded Assembly session, the government shot down the motion raised by former ministers Micky Pacheco and Dayanand Narvekar.
Even the Speaker of the House, Pratapsingh Rane admitted that ‘We should not ban the movie since it is showing facts about Goa’, which is in complete contradiction to the government Home Minister Ravi Naik claims for the last couple of months that there are no drugs in Goa.
In forming the committee, the government has not taken into account other political factions such as BJP, Mickky Pacheco, Nilkanth Halarnkar and Dayanand Narvekar and even government departments and associations who have raised grievances about this movie in the recent past such as the Department of Tourism,  (TTAG) and other woman based NGOs. Neither has it called for a few respectable citizens of Goa who should have been made party to this committee. Instead it opted for an all government favored representatives.
More importantly, while media reports have carried that the producers will be showing the movie to the judges of the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court before the court hearing on Monday April 18, 2011; the committee is to go to Mumbai to watch a screening of the movie on Monday.
Savio Rodrigues expressed utmost shock and disappointment in the act of the government, “It is very strange that the government has decided to wake up on this issue after the matter is reaching a conclusion in the High Court. “More importantly, I fail to understand the purpose of the committee travelling to Mumbai to view the movie, when it is going to be screened in Goa for the High Court judges,” he said.
He further added that he feels that the committee is a biased and unbalanced selection aimed at pulling wool over the eyes of the people of Goa and somehow it will not bring a realistic view on the movie, since it is not a balanced committee that will take into consideration every aspect of Goa, especially the tourism department and TTAG, when they were the first to raise concerns over the movie. Either the government needed have stayed clear from the movie controversy or constituted a neutral committee of people such a TTAG, Opposition Party and MLAs who have raised this issue at the Assembly along with other prominent NGOs representatives and citizens of Goa.
And what purpose is this committee going to serve now that the matter is in court.

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