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Why Mamata Banaejree’s “Maa, Mati, Manush” is a mere political slogan?

On 20th May 2011, Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the Chief Minister of West Bengal. With the slogan of Maa, Mati, Manush(Mother, Homeland, and People), Mamata’s manifesto aimed at “good governance” and “impartial administration” over 35 years of “rotten” Left Front Government’s rule.

When the party came to power with the ray for change, the Bengali Hindus who moved from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to various towns in West Bengal, voted for her with hope for justice for the forgotten  Marichjhapi Massacre, what is also described as the worst “human rights violation”. However, the pledge of Mamata’s Government about the judicial investigation in the Marichjhapi Massacre proved to be just another fatal promise, where for every life lost and for all the dignities shattered into misery, Mamta’s Government fixed the price with rice at 2 Rs Kilo and a special ration card.

Over the years under the All India Trinamool Congress’s (TMC) regime, only dictatorship and fascism have prevailed. Every time there is a new incident of communal violence, the so-called Bengal’s daughter has only answered it through autocracy or silence. If we take a look at the atrocities of Mamata’s government, it only evokes the feeling of pain and agony, especially the Hindus who have often fallen prey to appeasement politics.

–        On December 17 2016, the small town of Dhulagarh was under one of the most terrifying communal violence. It was the day of Eid Milad un Nabi, where several Muslim groups were carrying out a procession as the mark of celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad. It was alleged that to disrupt the procession, some people tried to pelt stones at them. This is what followed a horrific tale of violence and firebombing, where the Islamists mob attacked the Hindu-dominated area with country-made crude bombs and looted all of their belongings. While the victims of Dhulagarh violence were hoping for justice from the police, much to their dismay, the police stood as silent spectators.

–        Another incident of communal riots was when Basirhat which was a place far away from violence, witnessed an attack from radical Islamic outfits in the North 24-Parganas district, where hundreds of Muslims set a 17-year-old’s house on fire. It was believed that a Facebook Post of an objectionable image of Prophet Muhammad, shared by the Hindu boy,  Sauvik Sarkar was the reason behind the provocation which led to violence, arson, and vandalization. On this radical Islamic extremism, Mamata Banerjee refused to take any stringent actions only to appease the Muslim community for her political gains.

Within 2016-2017, West Bengal has observed almost ten incidents of communal

Violence. Amongst these cases, Mamata Banerjee has always chosen a

Path of silence, which brings her secular image under scrutiny.

–        Another instance of Mamata Banerjee’s diplomacy is when in 2017, she announced a ban on Durga idol immersion, as she didn’t want the procession to clash with Muharram. She stated, “On Vijaya Dashami, immersion has to end by 6 PM as Muharram processions will be taken out after that. If both happen together at the same time, there may be problems. I am seeking your cooperation on this. Some people will try to bank on this opportunity and create all kinds of provocation, using Hindus and Muslims as tools.” While Mamata tried to stop any communal debacle, it was apparent that in her avarice to appease the Muslim community, she has made it clear that Muharram is more important than Durga Puja.

–        Maulana Nurur Rahman Barkati in 2017, in the presence of TMC MP, Idris Ali, passed a revolting remark, announcing a Rs 25 lakh reward for anyone who would “blacken Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face and head”. Not only this, Maulana Barkati has made an insensitive comment stating that “those who chant Jai Shri Ram outside Mosques are Hijras”. Also, he has warned members of the Muslim community to never join BJP or RSS, or else they will be chased out of the Muslim community. What did Mamata Banerjee choose to do when her alleged Rakhi brother, Imam of Kolkata, was threatening to malign the image of our Prime Minister and openly inciting Hindu-Muslim riots? Well, once again she chose to remain voiceless.

–        The anti-Hindu rhetoric of the TMC government has been pretty evident till now. In 2019, Mamata wrote a 6 paragraph long Facebook post, where she stated that saying “Jai Shree Ram”, spreads the feeling of hatred and also leads to violence and vandalism. Along with this, she also mentioned that to maintain the secular image of the country, she will continue to oppose chanting, “Jai Shree Ram”.

–        Ever since Mamata Banerjee has realized that BJP is a threat to her position, her government has resorted to violence and petty politics. The leaders of the BJP are repeatedly stopped from entering West Bengal for holding election rallies. To create havoc in the campaign, TMC workers have brutally attacked and injured many BJP leaders. Along with Bengal, elections are taking place in few other states of the country, then why is Bengal only reporting such high cases of violence? Does Mamata Banerjee not rely on the development story she has been selling to garner votes? Or is she prone to abusing her power?

–        Mamata Banerjee has shown her hypocrisy when it comes to illegal immigrants living in West Bengal. In 2005, when Bengal was under the rule of the CPI Government, she referred to Illegal immigrants as a “spelt disaster for West Bengal”. However, now the same Mamata Banerjee, to oppose the Modi Government, has claimed that the illegal Rohingyas residing in the state are Indian citizens. When Mamata gives the status of citizens to the illegal immigrants, she conveniently sidelines the risk factors that these illicit Rohingyas pose to our country. Investigation agencies in India have repeatedly reported the fraudulent and terrorist activities in which these illegitimate immigrants are involved in. Despite this, when our CM decided to stand in support of such a threat, it shows how low one can stoop in their game of appeasement politics.

–        A shameful and abhorrent incident that clearly indicates that Mamata’s “Maa, Mati, Manush ” is a mere slogan was when an 85-year old mother of a BJP worker was brutally beaten by three TMC goons.


After a few TMC miscreants mercilessly assaulted her, she was immediately taken to the hospital. However, a few days after she returned home, Shobha Majumdar succumbed to her injuries.

–        In another barbaric attack, a young girl, who is a resident of Kashipur in Dum Dum, was assaulted by TMC workers, when she was trying to save her father from being beaten by the same goons. A few days back, BJP uploaded a video in which the girl stated that “I got hurt in the eye. My father had gone to save my uncle, who was being beaten by party members of the Trinamool Congress”. She also added, “Several people thrashed my uncle. On learning about it, my father went to save him. He was also beaten. When we (family members) went to protect him, they also assaulted us.”

Amidst the ongoing elections in West Bengal, the atrocious behaviour of TMC workers have surfaced on the internet. For the past ten years, the state of West Bengal has witnessed many incidents of Mamata Banerjee’s tyranny. Her appeasement of minorities and anti-Hindu sentiments are a total contradiction of her secular image. Where Mamata Banerjee refuses to hold any accountability, it is the innocent mothers and young children, who have become victims of her government’s fascism and authoritarianism. What will behold on 2nd May is yet to be seen, but the saffron wave has already spoken about the verdict of the people of Bengal.

Isha Jain

Columnist, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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