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Why The Indian Education System Needs A Complete Overhaul

Recently, a response to an RTI filed by a person was doing rounds on the internet. The man who filed the RTI application had posed two questions-

  1. That NCERT provide sources from where it got the information that Aurangzeb rebuilt more temples than he destroyed.
  2. That NCERT provide the number of temples rebuilt by Aurangzeb and Shahjahan.


No surprise, but NCERT has no sources to cite.


Now a pertinent question arises: If there are no sources, then why on Earth does NCERT glorify Mughal rulers and show them as benevolent, tolerant leaders?


Union Minister Prakash Javedkar happily told people that the BJP Government has not changed a single word in the textbooks since they came to power in 2014. Why he takes pride in saying this is beyond me. People voted for BJP because they wished to see changes in every facet of the Indian society- including education. The Hindutva rhetoric, which fetched them their votes, is apparently nothing but an election gimmick.


Showing invaders- whose sole purpose was to convert a large segment of the subcontinent- as rulers who espoused tolerance and coexistence, is an injustice of the highest order. It is an affront to those who died upholding their religion; it is an insult to those who were raped, converted and married off to the violators to bear them sons who would follow their new faith; it is a slap on the faces of every single person who was a victim in some way of their violent tactics.


In my second year of Law School, when I was an absolutely unaware girl enjoying her ignorance, I remember our history professor including various articles glorifying these rulers. I remember praising Akbar for creating Din-e-Ilahi- a new, tolerant religion. Now I know it was a scam. Sure, he may have been a tad bit better than all the other rulers from his family; Considering his brethren did not spare many people, a reduction in those atrocities was seen as kindness.


I don’t believe in dwelling in the past. I don’t support those who want to punish followers of Islam today for what the invaders did to Hindus a long time back. I absolutely don’t think that the trace of these rulers should be removed from our history books.


I simply want the reality to be out in the open. I want an acknowledgement from every single Indian that the invaders were not kind to those who followed Sanatana Dharma (as it was known then; “Hinduism” came much later). I want everyone to stop showing Mughal rulers as good people.


I studied in a CBSE school. I passed out in 2017 and stopped studying history after my class Xth exams in March 2015. But I still remember so much of the Mughal history. I clearly remember my class 7th history textbooks carrying chapter after chapter about these rulers; there was no mention of the likes of Chatrapati Shivaji, while Maharana Pratap had a page and a half dedicated to him. I also happen to have greater awareness of the disproportionate emphasis placed upon these invaders because I briefly started preparing for UPSC exams, which requires one to study NCERTs from the elementary level.


The emphasis on Sati, Casteism, maltreatment of widows, etc. is unbelievable. There is no mention of what happened to the glorious temples that were there since time immemorial. Forget ancient history, Political Science textbook of Class XIIth, which discusses Kashmir in detail, has no mention of the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus- not one line!

Another appalling fact- the part dealing with assassination of M.K. Gandhi says “…Nathuram Godse, a Brahmin, …” as if that caste identity is enough to make one a killer. One can have their own opinions of the assassination, Gandhi and Godse. But how is the latter’s caste relevant?


Marxists have distorted India’s history to such an extent that young, impressionable minds imbibe these things without any questions, and later go on to join the likes of JNU to shout slogans calling for breaking up of India. The anti-Hindu rhetoric is strong. In fact, DU isn’t far behind. I have a friend from school studying at St. Stephen’s, who is brainwashed to the extent that she believes lies even a decently well-read person can see through.


It breaks my heart that the Indian education system is raising generation after generation to carry hate for Indian Culture and Hinduism. These students seek greener pastures abroad because they think their country is a fractured mess. They vilify certain castes and communities because from the tender age of 10, this is what they are taught. For instance, the British invasion of India is blamed on the caste system in the Hindu society. The nexus of communists and appeasers who designed are syllabus are definitely at fault.


But for how long can we continue to blame them? We have a nationalist party at the Centre with 303 seats. This same party had the courage to repeal Article 370, introduce CAA and take other, highly radical reform measures. Then why is our education system still in the clutches of Cultural Marxism?


I understand that overhauling an entire education system which has existed for seven decades does not happen overnight. But we need to start somewhere. For how long will we rely on RTI applications with two questions each to tell us the reality of our land? It is important that little children learn all the significant things: the 5000-year-old civilization that was Bharatvarsha, the reality of Sanatana Dharma, and how our society was destroyed by the invaders and our colonial masters.


I try my best to educate people about the realities that have been hidden from us, and I see many do the same. But it is tough when one has to deal with brainwashed individuals who later get backing for their false narratives through universities teaching them distorted history. I have often been accused of hyper-nationalism and Hindu Supremacy, whatever the latter is, when all I do is carefully debate on facts.


A country is only as strong as its youth’s nationalism is. Japan could emerge out of the wreck of World War-II, only because an entire generation dedicated itself towards rebuilding their nation. Our youth, on the other hand, is busy cursing Hinduism for all the ills which plague the society. Our youth is busy trying to secure a Green Card so they can “escape the mess that is India” (actual words told to me by a classmate). Our youth is busy buying into false data and then supporting JNU’s Tukde-Tukde gang.


As a nationalist, who has had the privilege of accessing knowledge that was cleverly hidden from us, I want an education system where this reality is addressed. We can change curriculum of the universities later; In fact, we will not have to, when school students study the real history of India for a decade- they will themselves call for a change in the same. This will only come from getting rid of the garbage in NCERTs and training teachers to address all that has been left out. In this world of online education, it wouldn’t hurt to bring out video modules highlighting our history as it happened. CBSE can actively recommend and promote some brilliant literature with all the history one needs to know.


There is a lot that can be done- the question is, when will our Government do what is imperative to the survival of our society? BJP came to power on the plank of nationalism. It is only fair they inculcate this nationalism in those who will be their successors in the coming years.

Bhavya Jha

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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