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Why the leftists’ claim of minorities is in “danger” in India doesn’t stand true in Modi’s regime?

“A Hindu Nationalist is further dividing India”, “How Hindu supremacists are further tearing India apart”; from the New York Times, Washington Post, to The Guardian, the international media have been extremely critical of Hindu Nationalist Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Ever since the Modi Government came to power in 2014, “Minorities are in danger” and “Islamophobia is on the rise”, are the two slogans that have been imprinted on the minds of each and every “leftist” and “pseudo-secular” person in the country.

Now, it has been six years of Modi’s regime, and every bill introduced by the BJP government is analyzed with a communal angle by the left media and detractor of the ruling government: to the extent that even the Farmers protest has turned into Sikhs v/s Hindus.

But now comes the question, who are these people who are so blinded by the communal hate that every reform must be seen as Hindu supremacy and minority oppression? What is that the BJP government has done, that minorities have suddenly started to feel so threatened in their own country? Is it not believing in appeasement politics or is it treating each and every citizen as equal under the law? Or is it providing shelter to minority communities and protecting them from the religious persecution they face in the three neighbouring Islamic countries? Or is it money spent on minorities welfare?

Before we talk about “why minorities are in danger in India”? Let’s look at some facts about what the “Hindu Nationalist” Modi government has done for minorities in their six years of tenure.

 -After the Bhartiya Janata Party came to power in 2014, it has spent a total of 22,291 crores on the minority welfare till 2019-2020.

-In the past six years, 3.2 Crore worth of scholarships have been accorded for students belonging to minority communities (Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians).

-According to the National data, in the year 2019-20, 70% of scholarships were granted to Muslims, whereas 7.8% to Hindus by the Indian Government.

-In the Union budget of 2021-22, a sum of 4,810 crores is allocated to the Ministry of minority affairs, which is approximately Rs 800 crore more than the amount of the previous fiscal year.

-The Modi Government is acknowledging the rights of Muslim women in India, starting with the abolition of Triple Talaq and making it unconstitutional under the law.

An average-minded person would look at this data, analyze the figures and would state, “Under Modi’s Government, minorities are not only safe but thriving”. However, the leftists in India will simply refuse to consider these facts and figures, as they are so deprived of sensible judgement because of their incessant hate, not for BJP, but for Modi and Hindus in the country.

Let me state it explicitly, minorities were never and will never be in “danger” in India. And I am not unrealistically hurling this statement out there. I am saying this because I belong to the minority community of India, with only 0.36% of the total Indian population. And I feel nothing but proud to say that for the past 23 years, I have never felt oppressed, disregarded, or to quote the leftists, “in danger”, in my own country.

I can freely practice and enjoy all the fundamental rights granted by the Indian constitution and my temples are not taxed by the Indian Government. But, do you know what the most distressing part is? I do not have to hesitate even for a bit to say that I proudly follow my religion. My “Jai Jinendra”, would be treated with folded hands and an innate smile. While, if Hindus whole-heartedly chant, “Jai Shri Ram”, they would be accused of saffron-terror or the worst-of-all, they would be stabbed in the back.

In the end, I would like to address all the pseudo-seculars, who label Hindus as intolerant, you all are living in a delusional world. “Minorities are not in danger” in India. It is Hindus who have to be tolerant of all the atrocities on them before, and even after independence. It is Hindus who are lynched, for following their religion, it is they who must witness the demolition of their temples in front of their eyes. It is Hindus, who must carry the debt of secularism on their shoulders, while we minorities, hide behind the facade of secularism.

Isha Jain

Columnist, Goa Chronicle
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