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Why would Delhi Police hand over Sunanda’s phones to Shashi Tharoor at his residence?


In a shocking move that throws open a Pandora’s box of questions into the investigations conducted by the Delhi Police into the mysterious death of Sunanda Pushkar is that the mobile phones recovered at the crime scene at Leela Hotel were handed over by a personnel of the Delhi Police to the then Member of Parliament (MP) Shashi Tharoor at his residence.

Incidentally highly placed sources have told that one of the main reason for the Vigilance Enquiry set up by the Delhi Commissioner of Police Alok Verma was for this major questionable action in a sensitive and high profile investigation that was committed under the watch of ACP Vivek Gogia.

However, while the CP of Delhi had set up the Vigilance Enquiry, it is interesting to note that ACP Vivek Gogia who was leading the investigations has not yet deposed off in front of the Vigilance Enquiry officers over the faulty investigations into the death of Sunanda Pushkar conducted at the initial and crucial stages of the investigations.

The mobiles phones recovered from the scene were handed over to Shashi Tharoor on January 18th 2014.

Then on January 30th 2014 – all three mobile phones – Blackberry Mobile with Airtel SIM No 94777707, Blackberry Mobile with Vodafone SIM No 999955007 and Dubai number Blackberry Mobile 0971566441889 were all seized on January 30th 2014.

For over 10 days Delhi Police in a surprising move under the watch of ACP Vivek Gogia allowed for the mobile phones found at the crime scene to be given without completion of the investigations, crucial parts of evidences to Shashi Tharoor, husband of the victim Sunanda Pushkar.

Did someone in the Delhi Police under the influence of the then government allow for these crucial evidences to be handed over the Tharoor to erase evidences or links to what Sunanda Pushkar planned to release to the media or communication data of potentially damaging nature that could affect Shashi Tharoor and other members linked to Tharoor politically or professionally.

This truth will only come to light if the Vigilance Department of the Delhi Police completes its investigations into this undoubted attempted cover up in the Sunanda Pushkar case.


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