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Will BJP continue with Moti Dongor bad man ‘Jalil Shaikh’?

In a shocking development in the on-going Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) membership drive, Jalil Shaikh – co-accused in the Moti Dongor swords case and numerous  anti-social activities has joined the BJP, much to the dismay of the Margao BJP unit.

While could not speak with BJP Margao Unit President, Chandan Naik, we spoke to Sharmad Raiturkar who told us that Jalil Shaikh has not been appointed by the Margao unit at all. “We have no objection to people from Moti Dongor joining BJP, but we will not allow criminals to be a part of the party and we have raised the issue with the senior leaders of the party,”
expressed Raiturkar.

Though the BJP Margao unit has not enlisted Jalil Shaikh, GC has learnt that the Moti Dongor bad-man was brought to the party by BJP Bhai Naik and the members being formed from Moti Dongor is being done on the instructions of Bhai Naik to Jalil Shaikh.

When got in touch with BJP General Secretary Narinder Sawaikar, he SMSed back saying that, “an appropriate decision will be taken on the Jalil Shaikh induction into the party.

Another senior leader from the BJP in the South expressed utter shock that a person of the repute of Shaikh’s nature would be inducted into the party and be instructed to enroll members for the party. It gives us a bad name on our stance against corruption and criminals. And we will object to this induction.

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