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Will Churchill leave Congress over GPYC Elections?

Not known to many but a few who attended the birthday party of Youth Congress member Suraj Faldessai on July 10th at Martins Place post 9 pm at Dhramapur in South Goa; PWD Minister Churchill Alemao had stated openly to the audience present that if his daughter Valanka Alemao did not win the coveted Goa Pradesh Youth Congress President post he would walk-out of the Congress party. Some of the youth members present there were Yatin Naik and Siddesh Bhagat amongst others.

Now with Valanka Alemao being issued ‘disqualification show-cause notice’ in light of the fact that the PWD minister was mobilising support through ministers and MLAs; and even got the Chief Minister to impress upon some ministers and MLAs to ensure that their youth members vote for Valanka; the question doing rounds in political circles is if in the case Valanka Alemao does get disqualified as whether Churchill Alemao will walk-the-talk or would his statement be another empty threat, as it he has been known to be doing in the past.

However, if Churchill does decide to quit the Congress party, this time though he would be walking out alone since most MLAs will not leave the Congress party over on issue of no-consequence and one personal in nature. Said a North Goa MLA normally seen in the Churchill camp of ministers, “It will be foolish of any minister to leave the Congress party and stand with Churchill on account of his daughter not becoming GPYC president. If Churchill’s reason was valid and stood for the greater good of the state like the MoI issue it made sense, not to settle one’s personal family’s political ambitions.”

When spoke to senior leaders in the Congress high command on the eventuality of the PWD minister’s threat to quit, almost all opined that if he feels so strongly about it he should go ahead and do it, but to consider that the party high command will bend to his every tantrum will be foolish on his part.

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