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Will CM relent to the Bakri Eid demand of the Muslim Minority?

Members of the Muslim minority cell of both the Congress and NCP have appealed to the BJP-led Goa government on occassion of Eid-Ul-Zua (Bakri Eid) to reconsider the government’s decision of permitting sacrifice at the Goa Meat Complex only and allow the Muslim community to perform its religious rights freely for three-days by relaxing the restriction it has implemented.

Saifulla Khan, chairman, Goa Congress Minority Community, stated that the state government has come out with this order without the application of the practical difficulties faced by the Muslim community and it looks like that the government is being misguided on the issue.

Similarly, Nasir Baig, chairman, NCP Minority Cell, opined that Eid-Ul-Zua is celebrated by sacrificing goats and buffaloes. This sacrifice is being done by the Muslim community from time immemorial, putting restrictions without discussion with leaders and members of the community is like trampling upon religious sentiments.

However, sources in the government reveal that so far the Chief Minister is firm on the government restrictions and might not agree to lift the restrictions. Both the North and South Goa collectorate have informed the North and South Goa Superitendent of Police (SPs) to be alert for any unexpected communal violence.

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