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Will Congress be able to outsmart Parrikar in the Government toppling games?

In a bid to take advantage of the absence of Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar currently in USA for a medical treatment, has learned that Congress leaders in Goa and Delhi have decided to set in motion a strategy to topple the BJP-led alliance of Goa Forward Party and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP).

The strategy being adopted is similar to the strategy planned when the Assembly elections results came out last year but failed because of internal struggle between the Luizinho Faleiro camp and Digambar Kamat camp. The alliance of GFP and MGP were keen to have Digambar Kamat as Chief Minister and refused to come to the alliance if Faleiro was made Chief Minister. However, even before Congress could roll its dice in the political machination games, BJP took the game away and formed the government with alliance partners GFP and MGP along with Independent MLAs.

Congress leaders in Goa and at the Centre believe that it would be prudent at this stage to bring Digambar Kamat back into the fighting game, when BJPs own MLAs have been disappointed with their party behaviour in relation to the alliance and the undue favours bestowed. It has been learned that Congress has initiated a dialogue with the alliance partners though nobody officially in the Congress or alliance partners are willing to confirm any such talks.

Discussion has had with Congress leaders both in Delhi and Goa indicate that Congress will pin its hopes on Digambar Kamat.

The question however that needs to be pondered upon is whether Congress leaders would have the gumption to pull-off such an attempt in government formation and whether the alliance partners in particular Goa Forward Party would again take another political turn for party benefits because it has been one of the biggest gainers of the alliance. Vijai Sardesai, leader of the GFP, has been extremely vocal about his loyalty to the BJP alliance.

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