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Will file F.I.R against Parrikar: Deshprabhu

Stating that the Justice MB Shah Commission report on ‘Illegal Mining’ in Goa clearly indicts the Goa Chief Minister, Congress spokesperson Jitendra Deshprabhu said that he will file a F.I.R against Manohar Parrikar, since he was the Chief Perpetrator of the illegal mining scam in Goa.

In the Shah Commission report the panel noted that the Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) should be more vigilant in enforcing the law by taking proper action in cases of violation of MM(DR) Act and Rules. The aforesaid violations are mainly after 2000 onwards. The main reason is unrestricted, unchecked and unregulated export of iron ore to China.

Relating to the Shah Commission report, Deshprabhu stated that the report clearly indicts Parrikar since illegal mining has been going on since 2000. Putting the entire blame of the Congress is the BJP-government way of trying to portray a good image in front of the people of Goa, when in actuality their interest is to exploit mining and to work in favor of the mining lobby.

Deshprabhu is expected to file the F.I.R within the next couple of days.

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