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Will quit Congress: Churchill Alemao

In what is appearing to be yet another attempt being made by the Alemao clean leader Churchill Alemao to blame everyone else for the complete rejection of the Alemao family in the recently concluded Goa Assembly elections; this time he blames the Congress party and its former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat for his loss and not the BJP for its win. He further went on to speak at a press conference that if the Congress party does not need the Alemaos they will quit.

In his first round of excuses the blame was put on the priests and the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), now it is the Medium of Instruction (MoI) issue. According to him the Christian voters did not vote for Congress because of the dilly-dallying approach of the Congress on the MoI issue.

However, what is getting to be extremely humorous in the rants of this former PWD minister is that in his personal assessment of his loss and that of the other members of the family is that he has failed to notice that people genuinely wanted to vote the Alemao’s demanding, corrupt and blackmailing ways out. And it no surprise that some of the Congress members too worked on that front. Like expressed to by a senior Congress member in AICC in jester prior to the election result who was against ‘family raj’ distribution of tickets, “sometimes to tame a wild politician you must give them what they want and then ensure that they do not achieve their main after they get what they want. It’s called tact.” Interestingly, that appears to have been prophetic since the high command did give into the Alemao demands and blackmail for tickets but eventually they got voted out by the people, a case of getting rid of the snake without breaking the stick.

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