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Will Sardinha make it to the Union Cabinet?

While the country awaits the decision of the Gandhi-next generation leader Rahul Gandhi to take a plunge into the Cabinet affairs of the country, Goa Member of Parliament (MP) of Lok Sabha, Francisco Sardinha and his supporters in Goa and Delhi have also lit the lamp of good wishes, hoping that Goa gets its first minister at the Centre at the Cabinet reshuffle on Sunday.

Sardinha currently holds the position as the Chairman of the Estimates Committee of the UPA-2 government. Over the last couple of months, there has been considerable lobbying done on behalf of the Goa MP. Though, nothing has been confirmed at this point of time, sources in All India Congress Committee (AICC) have told that Sardinha’s name has been taken into consideration but no decision so far has been taken by the UPA chairman or Prime Minister.

Sardinha performance as the Chairman of the Estimates Committee has been appreciated by the leaders in the Central government. That is being considered a one of the main reasons for a probable inclusion into the Union Cabinet.

But what is coming out as one of the main reasons for considering Sardinha is that the Congress High Command would like to put a Goan leader at the Centre in order to score brownie points with the people in Goa after a dismal performance by the party at the Goa Assembly Elections.

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