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Willy Supports English

Former Chief Minister and Ex-Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Dr. Wilfred de Souza on Thursday extended his support to education in English medium and accused the government of going against not only its own law but also the Constitution of India.
In the first place, he said the Official Language Act of 1987 provides that the government shall not discriminate against any institution while granting aid only on the grounds of language.

Besides, he pointed out that Article 452 of the Constitution of India envisages free and compulsory education to all children up to the age of 14.
By denying grants to English medium primary schools, he said the government of Goa was going against the Constitution of India and also its own law which provides for grants to such schools.
He recalled that in 1990 as Leader of Opposition he had opposed the then PDF government’s decision to provide grants only to those primary schools opting for either Konkani or Marathi as the medium of instruction.

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