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Wishing and celebrating death upon Modi-supporters is Liberalism for few

“To all Bhakts who have lost loved ones during this crisis, be strong. Your dad and Akshay Kumar are building you a lovely temple where you can go and pray for their departed souls”, Rohan Joshi an Indian stand-up comedian and Youtuber, shared this vile and inhuman remark on his social media. One can sense the feeling of triumph in Rohan Joshi’s words while wishing death upon people who support the Modi Government. To say that he didn’t feel a pinch of remorse after he openly instigated feelings of hatred for all the BJP-supporters is not a shocking revelation at all.

Adding to this list of creatures, who have left humanity in their facade of liberalism, Indian designer, Farah Khan Ali, who preaches about humanitarian and lives by the motto of unity, made an abhorrent and barbaric statement stating that she wishes that all the “Bhakts” lose their loved ones so that she can further feed on her hatred for the ruling government in the country.

What do these statements tell us about the ideals and beliefs of people like Rohan and Farah? Do they want to say that the only people who deserve to live are the ones who worship their political ideology? Has humanity in our country reached such a gruesome crisis that two people with different political inclinations will openly abuse and wish death upon each other?

Let’s keep aside these blue-tick handles for a minute, and talk about many accounts on social media, who everyday do the pretence of “Liberalism” and “secularism”, but, in reality, work on the principles of inhumanity and intolerance, by sending the message to their followers that wishing death or atrocities on “Sanghi” and “Bhakts” is not immoral under any circumstances. Just imagine a social media page with thousands of followers is openly inciting the feeling of violence and callousness amongst their followers. And Why? Because some people don’t fall for their agenda-driven propaganda. Because there are people who even amongst the time of crisis, stand true to their Nation and Dharma. For our pseudo-liberals, the definition of equality and humanity limits only one community of society. For them, only people who don’t feel ashamed in betraying their own country are the ones who deserve to live.

Many children have lost their parents and many parents are mourning the demise of their children, and when they are surrounded by constant distress in their lives, imagine telling them that they deserve this, only because they choose to support a particular political ideology. Looking at what these big handles on social media think about the right-wingers in our country, I am sure that there are many liberals out there, who are gleefully ridiculing the death of a “Bhakt” and “Sanghi”. Yes, the circumstances we are currently living in are extremely unfortunate and can take a toll on someone’s mental health. But to spread hatred and negativity on social media just because people support the ruling government is not only inhumane but also exposes the mentality which Indian liberals breathe every day.

Every citizen of India is struggling to make peace during such challenging times. It is heart-wrenching when you wake up and sleep with the sound of sirens when all you can see on social media is people begging for help incessantly. To even think about realizing the pain of someone who has lost their loved ones due to this Chinese virus, chokes our heart with pain. But even during such devastating times, many have endlessly devoted themselves to be of service to others and rise above our political and religious differences. However, it is sickening to see that even now; we have a bunch of vultures who are still passing many horrible and disgusting remarks, merely because they choose to not blame the government for the crisis we are currently living in. It is appalling to see that many are still stuck between right and left-wing, and running their propaganda by sharing misleading and false information on the internet, just to malign the ruling government and satisfy their iniquitous souls. From what these liberals are trying to say, can we imply that for them, wishing and celebrating the death of Modi supporters is virtuous and righteous in all ways?

In the past few months, where liberals are reaching their new low, I haven’t witnessed any such heinous remarks from any BJP supporter. Not even in our wildest thoughts, do we even wish for any mishappening to any person belonging to any political or religious ideology. To see the flagbearer of liberalism riding in the race of inhumanity is criminal in all ways but not shocking for many.

Isha Jain

Columnist, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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