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Witch-hunting Must Stop, Keep Focus on Lokpal: IAC Goa

While the Youth of Goa supporting Anna Hazare’s ‘Fight against Corruption’ have shown immense displeasure in the new questionable tactics of the Centre in their attempts to tarnish the image of Team Anna; the senior members of the India Against Corruption feel that the Members of Parliament at the Centre must focus on the issue at hand, which is drafting a strong and effective Lokpal Bill along with the people representatives – in this case Team Anna, and not indulge in any witch hunting games.

Speaking on the new developments post Anna breaking his fast at the Ramlila Maidan and in the light of the new allegations being made against Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, Advocate Satish Sonak, says “Kejriwal integrity and credibility is not in question. He has time and again stood up for the country and its people, be it the Right to Information (RTI) or the Jan Lokpal. In the context of the IT notice, the Income Tax Department should be brought under the purview of the Jan Lokpal. It should be given full autonomy and should not be kept under the thumbs of the government like in this case where they wake up after a long time and send Arvind Kejriwal a notice.”

Anna Hazare and his team are being targeted because they are leading this anti-corruption movement. There is no doubt about Kejriwal credibility. And if there is any issue pertaining to him, he will sort it out in the most legal way, says Dr Meenacshi Martins, IAC Goa member.

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