Women Clothing Brand ‘ZiyaZyda’ Launches its e-Commerce Portal

Affordably priced brand for women’s clothing, ZiyaZyda expands digitally by launching an e-Commerce website. The clothing brand is a partnership venture between Agnelorajesh Athaide, Chairman at St. Angelos VNCT Ventures and Kranti Redkar Wankhede, a film, theatre and tv personality apart from being an entrepreneur.

Kranti Redkar Wankhede

The brand believes in delivering the best quality of clothing at affordable prices.

According to Kranti, “Every woman wants to look beautiful and clothes are one of the easiest way to ensure that, but does it match her budgets Can she afford it ZiyaZyda Is here to make it possible.”

Agnelorajesh Athaide

Every woman deserves to feel happy about herself and a price tag should not stop her from feeling that. In this competitive clothing market, Kranti wanted to start a brand to serve women who are hard-working, gentle, loving, feisty, promising and giving at the same time, and who wants to look beautiful by dressing well, by matching their requirement and suiting their budgets.

ZiyaZyda is a regular to 3XL size women’s clothing brand. It takes pride in not only satisfying the regular sized women but also in flattering the beauty of extra sized, pleasantly plump ladies who are conscious dressers.

The brand was visualised keeping in mind a need to boost their confidence and make them believe that they too can find and then dress according to the latest fashion, same as everyone else.

The founders, two creative and passionate entrepreneurs have come together to take the brand ZiyaZyda to international levels.

Agnelorajesh’s excellence at manoeuvring business scenarios and scaling them up globally and with Kranti’s creative ideas and design preferences, their goal is to reach each and every woman who desires to feel her best-self in every occasion of her life.

Agnelorajesh explained that the vision of ZiyaZyda, “Is to serve the clothing market of regular and plus size clothing for women and to become the most preferred brand in the segment, emphasising on pricing, quality and design.”

When Kranti was asked about the values of the brand, she said, “We at ZiyaZyda believe In integrity. The one thing that cannot be comprised is our honesty and commitment towards our buyers. We believe in using excellent quality fabrics and materials to make our products affordable but still stylish and very desirable. We strive hard to make our products value for money and long lasting.

We believe in implementing feedbacks and suggestions from our esteemed customers and make it a great experience to wear our products.

We focus on latest fashion, great designs, fabulous fabrics, best workmanship and use of latest machinery for the best output. And all this comes for very economical costs to the customer. Customer’s happiness is our goal. And a happy customer is the magnet for growth.”

Agnelorajesh is all geared up to ensure scale and growth with the best systems and processes in place.

About the Founders

Agnelorajesh Athaide – Agnelorajesh is a firm believer of value creation for customers, something that he has consistently done since 1993 in various businesses. He is an author, a social and serial entrepreneur, an investor, and a business mentor, with interests in variety of businesses. His role will be to manage the legal compliance’s, implement the use of e-commerce technology, invest to nurture and grow the brand, setup and execute the production line and use the best business practises to scale the business and take it global.

Kranti Redkar Wankhede – A successful film, theatre and TV personality. Kranti has acted in over 25 films and 13 professional plays in 4 languages (Hindi, Marathi, English and Gujarati). She has also directed films. Kranti has an eye for detail and an excellent taste for designs and materials.

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