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Women second class citizens in Modi Sarkar!

In an online conversation National General Secretary of the Mahila Congress, Apsara Reddy speaks to Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Savio Rodrigues on the five-years of Modi government rule in India and its impact on women related issues, need for transgender women to think with their mind not their heart and focus on their careers and how Congress sees a woman voter differently from BJP…

GoaChronicle: As the General Secretary of the All India Mahila Congress (AICC) keeping on eye on the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections, why should a women voter in India chose Congress over NDA?

Apsara Reddy:


GC: Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao has been NDA’s trump card for the girl child in India? What are your views on the initiative? And what would Congress do better or differently?



GC: As a nation, have we done enough over the years to create a safe and secure environment for our women across the country? What according to you needs to be done to stop rapes and molestation of women in India?



GC: Has the NDA government done enough to encourage women entrepreneurs in India and how would Congress encourage woman to become entrepreneurs?



GC: As a transgender woman in politics do you face any form of discrimination even though what you have achieved so far is inspiring to most people especially transgenders?



GC: Do you think as a nation we must be less critical and more appreciate of transgenders in society and allow for them to treated on par with men and women at workplace?



GC: What would be your message to transgenders and women across India and globally on the just concluded International Women’s Day?


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