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Women Slam N Shivdas’ New Poem

N Shivdas, a well known Konkani writer and president of Goa Konkani Academy (GKA) came under fire from various women’s organization for writing a poem titled chedi which is published in his new book Saarth Dukkhaart.
Chedi in Konkani means a woman of loose character and is mostly used to mean a commercial sex worker.
The organizations have demanded that Shivdas resign as president of GKA which is a government organization, for writing a vulgar poem that insults womanhood.
In fact, Auda Viegas of Bailancho Ekvott accused Shivdas of describing women in a malicious manner in the poem. Various other women including former chairperson of Goa State Women’s Commission Dr. Pramod Salgaoncar, Jyoti Kunkolienkar, Tara Kerkar concurred with Viegas on this matter.
They argued that the poem will corrupt the minds of the readers’ particularly young people. Dr. Salgaonkar pointed out that the word “prostitute” is no longer in use with even the courts preferring to use the term “sex workers” for such women.
Besides asking for a withdrawal of the book already released in the market and removal of the offending poem, the women’s organizations have also demanded that Shivdas should be barred from receiving any government grants in future.
The book comprising of 66 poems is dedicated to the poet’s mother and that is an irony said Tara Kerkar.

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