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Won’t quit politics in five-years: CM

In a strange change in stance to the much publicized claim of the Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar, it has now been publicly declared by the CM himself that we would not be quitting politics after five-years as earlier stated, since he feels that the mess created by the Congress would require much more than five-years to clean. He made this declaration at an ongoing BJP Yatra in the state.

When the Parrikar-government had one the unprecedented mandate of the people of Goa to govern the state in the Goa Assembly elections held last year, Parrikar had firmly announced that he would quit politics after five-years, even if the BJP high command or his political supporters were to insist he continues, he would take time-out to spend with his family.

The sudden turn, which Opposition leaders are terming as another U-Turn, which is a label that has now been attached to the CM for the claimed constant change in stance and fooling the people of Goa, has provided more ammunition to the Opposition to take a dig at the government and CM.

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