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Work is worship

Humans are bound to work, and the leverage of his consistent hard work assists him to earn his living. Hardly Almost 90 per cent of the work depends on money and money can be earned only by doing some occupation or job. The status of jobs in India varies, depending on the type of job, the skills required and the hard work or time that it costs.

In our country, 99 percent of the population aspires to be either a doctor or an engineer. We all value the profession of a doctor as noble work and in very high demand. In the field of engineers, we all value the software engineers or related fields as the most money-making firm. Yes, the main reason behind opting for certain jobs is money. On some other level, we have business people, chartered accountants, managers, bank workers etc. We even get to know about NASA and related people reaching space through news and media, but do we pay attention towards the other people who also work hard despite being deprived of a well reputed job. On a certain level we also know about the high school principal, professors, lawyers, and journalists. Still there are many sections of people who are not given the right attention. Let us start with the farmers. 90 percent of the population of India is involved in farming as their primary job but anybody hardly understands how much hard work and dedication they show towards their work. Without complaining of poverty or weather conditions, they go to the field every day and return with several injury patches due to regular use of certain farming instruments. The army is the one, in front of whom we all bow with respect. We all do have love for them but unfortunately today’s generation remember the names of the celebrities more than the names of our real-life heroes. How can we ignore the sweepers and the cleaning person who help us clean the entire road and keep us safe from several communicable diseases? We keep throwing garbage here and there still those people collect them at one place for safe disposal. They risk their own health before anyone. The auto rickshaw drivers help us to reach our required destination on time. The watchmen and the guards stay awake the whole night so that we could have a sound sleep.

The tailor stitches beautiful clothes for us and that also according to our wish. The cobbler helps us wear well-polished and proper footwear. We also have some workers from the private beauty parlours and the barbers who do our hairstyles. All these people help us look good and are still not given respect. We all are in leverage of a particular mentality and choose something to be noble beyond a given threshold. For example, we all want to be a doctor, but nobody thinks about being a nurse or a compounder who takes care of the patients and not even about chemists. Today we all are blinded with materialistic boons. We all prefer following what others do just like a sheep. People prefer expensive cafes and restaurants to have quality food more than the street food. Although many people do this keeping in mind the cleanliness and hygiene, we all could agree that roadside pani-puris and tea are always better than those of hotels. Yet, those people are underrated. Even the other small shopkeepers and general store owners have the same story. The case becomes worse when it comes to servants, waiters, painters, carpenters, and laborers. People treat them very badly and do not even address them properly. Most of the cases they are also not paid the required amount and even get beaten up.

There are several situations where the work of the people are considered as of low dignity and nobody cares how much hard work and time they dedicate towards it. These so-called “lower class people” are the ones most prone to hazardous risks. Even if we study a lot and be an industry manager dealing with chemicals, we always hire these people who are poor and will work anyhow despite being worried about the risks, their clothes, or their health. Most of us even feel ashamed of accepting that “Yes, I do my dishes and clean my room.” But what is the question of being embarrassed a lot. Even in large hotels, these are the works people are paid for. The need of money makes us do any small work be it selling newspapers or serving tea at the roadside. Even the housewives who are not paid at all are considered as the most liable and are not treated with respect in some cases. People are confined to accept things to earn a living without earning the respect they deserve. We even ignore the one who highlights so many local issues around us. Yes! The content writers, the authors as well as the editors. There is no need to explain what they do if you are reading this article!

Despite all the facts one hold, we still lack behind the right perspective to be emerging out of the young minds. There is no way to imagine our life without certain people who are involved in certain tasks. Neither do we need to be dependent on any authority for a change. All we need is to change our tetchy mentality and respect every person we meet despite their looks, standard and degree.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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