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11th World Hindi Conference kicks-off in Mauritius

Port Louis, Aug 18 (UNI) A three-day 11th World Hindi Conference kicked off here on Saturday with a pledge to develop, enhance and conserve Hindi language in its original form.

Addressing the people assembled at the inauguration ceremony, Prime minister of Mauritius Pravin Kumar Jagannath stated,”As there are more than fifty crore Hindi-speaking people in the entire world, the day is not far when the United Nations will accord Hindi the status of ‘one of the important and recognised languages of the world, ” an assumption we can assert with confidence.

However, as India gains political, economic and cultural clout at the international stage, Hindi too is matching step with step.

Jagannath also pointed out that at the beginning of the year, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi also gave his inaugural speech at World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland in Hindi.

‘His lecture in the most spoken language in India is a matter of pride for the language and the nation itself. It testifies the importance of Hindi at the global level,” said the Mauritian PM.

He remarked that Mr Modi’s Hindi speech sends a message across that we can embrace the whole world while being connected with our roots.

Jagannath opined that India believes in mulit-cultural society. Indian languages especially Hindi are linked to India’s and Mauritius’s traditions, values and ethos. Hindi language is akin to many cultures and similar to many languages. It is a Cultural treasure trove and possesses just not a golden history but also a golden future. He said that if we have an iota of doubt about Hindi’s future vis-a vis its existence, then we should move the cornea of our eyes around the world. The attendees including the scholars sitting in the hall with enthusiasm, gusto and belief are a proof of the language’s brilliant stroke ahead.

The Mauritian PM stated that Hindi has carved a niche for itself at the global level. In around forty nations around the world, Hindi is a medium of teaching in six hundred universities. He said he felt elated when Indian filmmaker Kunal Kohli announced to make a film based on Ramayana and direct it in Mauritius itself. These things testify bonhomie between India and Mauritius. I would rather call it “Blood relations” and pray for the ties’ sustenance.

The PM also reminded people that first Hindi publication was published in 1907 here and it became the voice of the labour class against the atrocities inflicted on them in the country. There has been constant endeavour to elevate the status of Hindi language. Since 1994, Hindi is being taught at middle level in schools and in universities.

Jagannath also revealed that the Mauritian government has constituted a “Hindi organisation” which in collaboration with social and cultural organisations is doing commendable job in development of Hindi language worldwide.

(Article authored by Ashok Upadhyay and Shivaji)

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