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Wrong to judge Trump based on his Social Media image

Donald Trump finally left the White House. Liberals around the globe are commenting as to how horrible was the tenure of Donald Trump as a president and how the world is able to finally breath after his exit from the office. But was he actually bad?

Donald Trump has been the President of United States of America for four years from 2016 to 2020 and have gained the status of being one of the most controversial presidents, if not the most controversial. Having no political background, he came to office with no experience and ruled the States with the picture of a capitalist mindset. During his tenure as the president, he didn’t pass a single executive order declaring war on a country. Now, this fact alone has put him in different category all together since USA is known for triggering war across the globe. Reasons for the war are many including stability, democracy, human rights, terrorism, oil, and weapon industry.

In the past several decades, almost all Presidents of the USA have declared war on one country or the other for one reason or the other as said above. However, Donald Trump did not have the burden to carry forward the legacy of his predecessors, and thus he didn’t initiate a single war. Rather, he tried establishing peace with Taliban in Afghanistan where USA is stuck since 2001. Apart from this, Donald Trump tried to resolve the issue of Middle East once and for all. Apart from Iran, all Middle East was happy with his efforts. Firstly, he recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transferred the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. After that, he forged peace treaty with multiple Islamic nations with Israel who otherwise did not even recognize latter as an independent nation. Islamic Nations signing peace treaty with Israel brokered by President Trump includes Bahrain, UAE, Sudan, and the treaty includes features including peace, diplomatic relations and full normalization. Had there been some other person than Donald Trump, he must have got Noble Peace Prize for his efforts establishing the peace and security in Middle East.

Furthermore, Donald Trump initiated a dialogue with Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) which is known for its autocratic stands and development of Nuclear Weapons. Under Trump’s administration, chances of peace became visible in Korean peninsula which was absent since long and there was always a chance for a full fledge war. Not only this, but Donald Trump also gets credit to make stance tougher against China and shifted foreign the One-China stand of United States of America by aligning openly with Taiwan. Donald Trump poked China by renaming Covid-19 virus as Chinese Virus while declaring the treatment of Uyghur Muslims as ‘Genocide’.

Not many heads of such powerful nations have done so much for world peace. It’ll be wrong to judge Donald Trump merely on the basis of his image on Social Media where he was banned at the end.


Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor, GoaChronicle.com

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