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‘X’ Visa for People of Indian Origin

The Union Home Department has amended the Visa Manual so that People of Indian Origin can now get ‘X’ visa which can be extended instead of the tourist visa they were being issued earlier.

In fact, the Visa Manual has been amended to specifically state that People of Indian Origin should not be issued ‘Tourist Visa’ but be issued ‘X’ Visa. Section 42 has been amended to include sub para (b) which reads “Person of Indian Origin, his/her spouse and dependent children may be granted only ‘X’ visa (NOT tourist visa) subject to producing proof of the PIO status, marriage certificate (in respect of spouse) and birth certificate (in respect of children).

Commissioner of NRI Affairs Eduardo Faleiro thanked the Home Minister for responding so quickly to his recommendation in this regard.

“I had brought it to the notice of the Home Minister that issuance of tourist visa for Goans settled abroad was criminal and that the same should be changed,” he reminded and expressed happiness that due to the efforts of his office, the entire Indian community has benefitted.

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