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X’Mas Party For Sr. Citizens at Chandor

The annual Christmas Party for senior citizens organized by Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott was held at the St Joseph’s Educational Institute courtyard, Chandor on Sunday with nearly 130 senior citizens from the village joining the celebrations.
While most of the senior citizens from the village walked to the venue which was centrally located to the two villages of Cavorim-Chandor and Guirdolim, the organizers had also arranged a pickup for those unable to walk.
The senior citizens enjoyed themselves as there was an entertainment galore with some senior citizens like Juju D’Silva, Joe Antao, Santiago and Maria Menezes singing popular songs that brought back the childhood memories of the elders gathered.

Youngsters like Anthony Pereira kept the spirits high with some popular songs including an old but now being forgotten song about the villages of Goa, while a retired school teacher Rajama who heads the Fun Group organized games for them.
However, the highlight of the celebrations was the performance by ‘Brass Band Comes Alive’ comprising of students of Manovikas High School who truly regaled the crowd with the blowing instruments.
Parish Priest Fr. Saude Pereira entertained the audience with some jokes and made everybody feel at ease with his personal touch.
As a Christmas Gift, Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott gave each of the participants a jute shopping bag with an earnest request to ask their families to use it for shopping in a bid to reduce the use of plastic.


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