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Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati Ji: The Unapologetic Hindu

Fierce, bold, unapologetic, straightforward, brave, daring, staunch believer. That is how I would describe Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati Ji, the Mahant of the Dasna Devi temple which was recently under the clutches of controversy when a young local Muslim boy was slapped for desecrating the shrine. The liberal media created a hue and cry over this incident while conveniently neglecting the issues faced by the village’s Hindu community. The mayhem caused by this incident was especially because of the banner placed at the entry gate of the mandir which clearly bans entry to Muslims.

Before becoming Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, he was a non-observant Hindu who lived in a foreign land, had a degree in Chemical engineering. After coming back to India some incidents turned his life upside down and from a non-observant Hindu, he transformed to a devoted and practicing one. In an article penned by him in Samachar24x7, he has described his life and all the events which made him voice for his community so openly.

Narsinghanand Ji has never shied away from highlighting the problems faced by Hindus due to the constant attempts of theft, robbery, looting of the temple, desecrating the shrine, molestation of female devotees who visit the temple. He has always opined boldly about the atrocities faced by Hindu women and the community in general.

He in his letter has written about how he went on to become a pious practicing devotee from an engineer who lived and pursued an M.Tech in Chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Engineering, from Moscow. After returning to India, he wanted to do something big in his life but his life took a U-turn when he saw the plight of girls in his own town who were victims of some notorious activities.

Born as Deepak Tyagi in an upper-middle-class peasant family, his family was associated with politics with his father being a national level leader in Central Government Employees Union and his grandfather being a Congress official from Bulandshahr. He soon made acquaintances and was given the position of the District Head of the Youth Brigade of the Samajwadi Party. He further wrote that being associated with Samajwadi Party he was never hooked to the idea of Hindutva. For him, religion was all about superstition and sham. He even had many Muslim friends as he had lived in Meerut and studied abroad.

One day he met with one of the founding members of the BJP Baikunth Lal Sharma “Prem” Ji. While talking to him, Baikunth Ji told him about the horror and the cruelty committed by Muslims which left him perplexed and he could not believe Baikunth Ji’s words. But a few days later he himself witnessed several incidents because of which Deepak Tyagi, a non-believer transcended into a devout and pushed himself to raise his voice for his sisters and daughters. He realized the need to acknowledge the dangers staring in the faces of Hindus.

One day, a girl from the Tyagi community came to meet him in his office located in Gaziabad opposite Shambhu Dayal Degree College. Upon meeting him, she started crying and narrated in front of him that how she was sexually abused by the Muslim boys in her college she had met through one of her female Muslim friends. She told him how her objectionable photographs were taken and were forced to have sexual relations with every Muslim boy in the college. She even mentioned that she wasn’t the only victim. They were 50 odd girls who were facing the same atrocities and were being blackmailed to have sexual relations with the boys. Even some Hindu boys were a part of this. The girl held Narsinghanand Ji responsible for her plight. She said it is because of people like him that are responsible for the exploitation of girls. He was taken aback by all these allegations laid upon him. He told her he was not aware of the condition of the girls and what they were going through. She said that it was impossible that Naringhanand Ji was unaware of all these events as the Muslims used to send girls to people and forced them to eat meat so he must have gotten something. He recalled saying that the girl’s words sent shivers down his spine and he was horrified seeing her miserable condition. The girl even warned him that this was a type of Jihad against Hindus and one day he too will have a daughter who will go to college and become a victim at the hands of these monsters. By the time Narsinghanand Ji decided to fight for her, the girl had died. He says that he is still haunted by her nightmares. Narsinghanand Ji offered Shraddhanjali to her just like a father and a brother would do. He says, “I am what I am because of the daughter too who I never gave birth to, but instead she gave birth to me.” He also remembers the girl telling him that Hindus have forgotten that a girl is not just a man’s daughter, but she is the daughter of the entire community and when the community weakens, the daughter pays its price. “Kaum ki galti kaum ki har beti ko bhugatni hi padegi” were her words.

Even after all this, the Hindus have still not woken up to the fact that they have been the victims of atrocities for over a thousand years now. Our daughters are suffering because we are not ready to acknowledge the problem and act on it. It is high time that Hindus face their conscience.

Today, Narsinghanand Saraswati Ji is determined to eradicate all the wrongdoings done to our girls and our community. A few days ago, he held a press conference at the Press Club of India in which he and various other supporters like Col TP Tyagi talked about Vishwa Dharma Sansad to be held in Haridwar from 15th December to 19th December where all the religious Dharma gurus will be invited and they will be enlightened about the atrocities that Hindus have been facing for thousands of years. He even talked about setting up a World Sanatan Parliament, an international headquarter for Hindus. They will be starting an Elementary Sainik Training for the youth where they will be taught Sword fighting, Bhala, how to use short-range rifles, disaster management, and the fundamental duties of a citizen as mentioned in Section 51A of the Indian Constitution. Their first training batch will begin on the 25th of April this year. He even mentioned that all Mandirs will have to play Shankha (shell) and ghanta (bell) for 15 minutes after the aarti and military precision will do this. This was the same press conference where Narsinghanand Ji’s comment about Prophet Muhammad got into controversy and he got an FIR registered against him under Section 153-A and 295-A of the IPC by the Delhi police. One Amanatullah Khan from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also tweeted saying that people who criticize Prophet Muhammad should be beheaded.

Yati Narsinghanand Swaraswati ji is a one-man army with a no-nonsense attitude. No doubt his words are harsh and straight as an arrow but no one has dared to speak or do what he has the guts to. He has openly said that he might be killed, his throat might be slit, he might be put in jail but his determination will never fade and even after his death his students will bring his work to a conclusion.

He is an unapologetic Hindu. A rarity to find these days.


Mugdha Joglekar

Intern, Goa Chronicle

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