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Year 2017 saw 543 malaria cases recorded in Goa

As many as 543 patients of 2,72,236, who were tested for malaria, were found to be positive in 2017 in Goa, according to Economic Survey tabled in the state assembly last month.

The survey said 267 locals were affected by malaria and 37 by plasmodium flaciparum.
It said 50.83 per cent cases were reported among migrant population at construction sites.

According to the survey, 159 cases were tested for dengue while 25 cases were confirmed for Chikungunya.

The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine were covered in Goa under routine immunisation which resulted in nil cases upto November 31, 2017.

For filaria cases, the survey said after successful implemention of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for the last eight years (2004-2011) and with a coverage of more than 85 per cent and microfilaria rate below one per cent, the state had qualified for transmission assesment survey for stoppage of MDA.

The school children in the age group of six-seven years were screened for detection filarial antigen in February 2013 and February 2016. If Mircro Filaria rate continues to be the same, then Goa would be declared free of Filaria, the survey said.

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