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Yet another Alemao might throw his hat into the political ring?

While not confirming his intent but certainly keeping his options open and paying head to the request of his supporters from the constituency, Kennedy Alemao – brother of the Public Works Department minister Churchill Alemao and Joaquim Alemao – Urban Development Minister, has revealed to that at this point of time he has not decided to contest the election but the possibility cannot be ruled out.

Speaking to in a telephonic conversation about this new development, Kennedy Alemao, stated that the people of Quepem some of whom are his strong supporters have been urging him forward to contest in the forthcoming elections. He however, though keen to contest has not yet completely made up his minds and is weighing his options before he can make an official commitment to contest the elections from Quepem constituency.

Answering to whether he would also seek a Congress ticket like the children of his brothers who have been routing for a Congress ticket, he replied if I do contest I am not keen on a Congress ticket or that of any national party but when I do decide I will prefer to either go independent or contest from a Goa regional party.

While political circles over the last two weeks having talking about the possibility of Kennedy Alemao contesting from Quepem, what is left to be seen is whether this Alemao does indeed throw his hat into the political ring.

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