Yet Another Robust Tourism Season

Goa closed its tourism season on a very robust note with a total 273 additional charters arriving thereby establishing that Goa continues to be a hot favourite for foreign travelers despite cut throat competition from some neighbouring destinations.
Travel and Tourism Association of Goa spokesperson Ralph de Souza revealed that this season, of 899 charter flights carrying 1,71,178 travelers from 12 international destinations landed in Goa as against the 626 charters that brought 1,37,790 tourists last year.

50 per cent of the tourists arrived from East European countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia, he said. While 435 charters arrived from Russia, 20 came from Kazakhastan.
Other countries landing charters in Goa were UK, Poland, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and even Iran.  In fact UK ranked second as 261 charters arrived from there carrying 57,848 tourists.
However, the number of Britons arriving in Goa is higher as many come through Mumbai since the connectivity of this international airport is better with UK than the one at Goa.
December and January continue to be the peak months for tourist arrivals in Goa. During the current season, while 167 charters landed in December 2010, 187 arrived in January 2011.
Tourism Director Swapnil Naik said that there was also a substantial increase in the domestic tourists arrival in Goa.

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