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Yet another temple theft in Ponda

In yet another temple robbery, thieves decamped with 20,000 from Shree Saraswati temple at Tisk Ponda on Monday night.

According to the Ponda police, some unknown persons barged into the temple by breaking open the lock on the front door. They then broke open a donation box kept inside the temple and stole 20,000 from it.

The matter came to light on Tuesday morning when the priest of the temple came to perform the regular puja. 

Police said the priest found that the lock to the temple door was broken so he immediately informed the temple committee. The president of the temple committee lodged a complaint with the Ponda police.

Acting swiftly on the complaint, police searched the area for evidence with the help of a dog squad.

However, the dog was able to catch the scent of the culprit only for a short distance, police added.

Ponda police has registered a case under Sections 457 and 380 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). No person has been arrested in connection with the case as yet.

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