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Yet Another Ticket Scam at Goa ODI?

Even though the courts in Goa are yet to pronounce the order on the infamous ticket gate scam of 2001, local media hinted at another scam of duplicate tickets for the 27th October match that was washed out.
According to reports in the local media, a complimentary pass and a ticket priced at  2,500 have the same gate No. 3, the same seat number being F-004 and the only difference is the serial number which is 32639 on the complimentary pass and 09149 on the ticket.
Another complimentary pass No. 32663 and ticket No. 09173 have the same gate number and the same seat number.

Goa Cricket Association Secretary Prasad Fatarpekar expressed surprise over this development as according to him all efforts were undertaken to avoid such an incident.
He disclosed that only 9,180 tickets were sold to the public while 14,320 were given away as complimentary passes and another 1,915 were given as official passes to GCA members. In all around 22,536 cricket fans entered the stadium on 27th October as per the records of the scanners installed at the entry points.
While assuring that action will be taken against those responsible for duplication of tickets if it has happened Prasad informed that the Pune based printers who were awarded the contract have been summoned to give their explanation for this mess.

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