Yogeshwar Devidayal Mahadev’s 98th Birthday Marked with 108 Kund Yog Mahayagya

Shri. Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust (Regd.) successfully organized the 20th 108 Kund Yog Maha Yagya to mark the auspicious occasion of Yogeshwar Devidayal Mahadev’s 98th birthday. The event took place at the Samadhi Sthal of Yogeshwar Mulakh Raj Bhagwan, Yogeshwar Devidayal Mahadev and Yogeshwar Surender Dev Mahadev on 6th and 7th March 2017.


108 Kund Yog Mahayagya performed by Yogacharya Amit Dev Ji


The spiritual ceremony which took place under the guidance of Yogacharya Amit Dev Ji was attended by more than 1600 yoga followers. The Kund Yog Maha Yagya, the main ceremony, was performed by 108 families at the Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahamandir, in New Delhi.


Participants from the states Vijaywada, Haridwar, Hansi, Hissar, Sirsa, Chandigarh, Jagadhri, Rohtak, Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal, Bareli and Chandpur graced the event that commemorated the memory of the great yoga masters. The devotees who attended the event includes Yogacharya Ashok ji, Yogacharya Tanu, Yogacharya Nitin, Kartikey, Devesh, Pooja, Savita and Rajinder, Maheshchand Goel, Rajeev Jolly Khosla, Manoj Kapoor, Sushil Khatri, MLA Sh Jarnail Singh, Counsellor Gurmukh Singh ji and Congress leader Amrita Dhavan from Delhi. The atmosphere was full of peace and joy as the devotees received blessings from the yoga gurus.


The prayers and offerings culminated in the Havan (108 Kund Yog Maha Yagya) with the attendees offering prayers and gifts at the Havan Kund. The message of peace and health through Mahaprabhu Ji’s Yoga was once again made manifest to the people who attended the celebration. The divine event which was Yogeshwar Devidayal Ji Mahadev’s 98th birthday ended with blessings and benediction for all of Mahaprabhu Ji’s followers.


Yogacharya Amit Dev Ji who guided the proceedings, is fifth in line in the lineage of yoga masters at Shri. Yog Abhyas Ashram Trust which also acts as a centre for research on yogic healthcare and meditation. People of every ethnicity, religion, gender, class and age attend his Yoga camps conducted in different parts of the world. His message of peace and joy through Yoga is well-received and has helped many find meaning in their lives.


Source: NV1


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