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Yogi Adityanath forces private hospital to return extra money charged to patient

A complaint against a private hospital in Janata Darshan programme of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath forced the hospital administration to return the extra money it had charged for the treatment of one Ashish Pathak’s mother.

Patahk met the CM in Janata darshan on Friday and lodged a complaint about a private hospital in Agra that charged exorbitant money for the treatment of his mother. The Chief Minister’s office took immediate cognizance, after which the District Magistrate Agra carried out a probe in which the hospital was found guilty.

The extra amount was recovered from the hospital and was returned the same day.

Ashish Pathak of Khandauli police station in Maurai village of Agra admitted his mother Mrs Gudiya Devi to Yashwant Hospital and Trauma Center New Agra. In the treatment which lasted for 17 days from April 23 to May 11, exorbitant money was charged in the name of treatment.
Ashish complained that his mother was not on ventilator, yet level three ventilator charge of 6 days Rs 1.50 lakh was charged. Besides, the charge of the general ward was Rs 90,000 for 18 days and the visiting charge of the doctor was Rs 2,000 per day and for 8 days he was charged Rs 16,000. This is over and above Rs 34,000 charged as doctor’s fee.
Medicines were also given at prices one and a half times more than the market price, which amounted to Rs 1.49 lakh.

After Ashish lodged a complaint to the CM, District Magistrate Agra started the investigation on the instructions of the government. In the investigation, the private hospital was found guilty. “The extra money charged by the hospital was also returned,” a government spokesman said here on Sunday.
Ashish thanked Yogi Adityanath for the help.

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