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“You are describing 28 Judges of this court as criminals, take legal advice:” Karnataka HC

The Karnataka High Court on Monday had a word of advice for the 72-year-old Sriniwas Rao who accused certain High Court and Supreme Court judges of corruption – “please take legal advice.”

The Court had recently initiated criminal contempt of court proceedings against Rao, who wrote a letter to the High Court registry threatening to kill two judges of the High Court and Supreme Court as well as two lawyers.

After going through the statement of objections filed by him, a Division Bench headed by Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka noted that Rao was reiterating the allegations against the judges.

“After tendering unconditional apology, you are reiterating the same allegations….. You are describing 28 Judges of this Court as criminals,” the Court observed.

The Court, therefore, proceeded to record the same in its order.

Primafacie, in the statement of objections filed by the accused, he has reiterated the statements.. based on which contempt proceedings were initiated.”

Rao refused to back down stating that he was ready to prove the allegations.

“I underwent 14 years of imprisonment, without food, shelter, medical aid. I will prove the allegations, if not you can punish me. I am ready to accept any punishment.”

Unable to accept the submissions made, the Bench made it clear that it would give Rao one last opportunity considering his age.

“Please remember one thing. We will not get dettered by your submissions…. Considering your age, will will give you one last opportunity for you to take legal advice…”

As the matter ended, the Court cautioned that if Rao sticks to his statement of objections, the Court will be forced to proceed with the matter for framing of charge.

The matter was then adjourned for March 22.


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