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You kicked Arnab Goswami on his knees in the elevator Sachin Vaze!

When I playback the entire horrific episode of the arrest of Arnab Goswami at his home in my mind and the treatment meted out to his family; I shudder to think if Arnab Goswami had not covered the incident on camera and beamed it LIVE on Republic Media Network channels, my worst fear of some serious harm coming to Arnab Goswami would have become a reality. 

Sachin Vaze in seemingly acting out orders within the rights of a police officer displayed the arrogance of a man drunk on power wanting to teach Arnab Goswami a good lesson. I am sure that Sachin Vaze did not act on his account, he was instructed to behave in this manner with Arnab Goswami and his family. He was working to a plan – physically, mentally, and legally harass Arnab Goswami and ensure Republic Media Network is shut down.

Let us not forget that Sachin Vaze was a former encounter specialist causing mental and bodily harm to people are second nature.

In fact, when we spoke to a close friend of Sachin Vaze whom he had confided in on several issues including his apprehension on his current predicament with the law in an interview:

These people will now pile everything on me and pick me up: Sachin Vaze to friend Shirish Thorat


We see that Sachin Vaze was working on the Arnab Goswami case as early as May 2020 where he shared Anvay Naik wife’s video with him for an opinion and even had a very brief discussion on a company named Outlier (incidentally ARG Outlier Media is the name of Arnab Goswami’s company).

Sachin Vaze was reinstated overnight by a decision taken by an extraordinary committee formed at 11 pm on June 5th, 2020 by the former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, and on June 6th, 2020 at 4 am he was reinstated by a Gazette Notification.

Contrary to the political and police blame game on at the moment who actually reinstated Vaze; let’s be crystal clear that Sachin Vaze was reinstated overnight on political instructions. Vaze was a Shiv Sainik and Shiv Sena wanted their man in a controlling position to execute their nefarious plans. 

I learned from my discussion with people known to him that Sachin Vaze has always been indebted to Shiv Sena in particular Uddhav Thackeray. 

Sachin Vaze has now been arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with 21 explosives found in a car outside Mukesh Ambani’s residence Antilia. He is also being investigated in the death of Mansukh Hiren and allegations of extortion of Rs 100 crores per month from restaurants, bars, and hotels in Mumbai on the order of the Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh as alleged by the Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh in a Complaint Letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray and in a petition in Supreme Court.

The intimidation and harassment meted out to Arnab Goswami and his family was uncalled for and diabolic in its intent. If you playback the video footages you see the evil nature of Sachin Vaze and some of the Mumbai Police Officers working on his instructions. 

If people of India who watched the video footages of the arrest and harassment of Arnab Goswami were shocked by what they saw, I wonder what would their reactions be if they learn that Sachin Vaze while traveling with Arnab Goswami in the elevator from his house to the lobby kicked Arnab in the knees and Riyaz Kazi grabbed Arnab by the belt of his pants to force him into the elevator.

So inhumane was the attack on Arnab Goswami under the guise of an arrest that they did not even let him wear his shoes. In fact, Sachin Vaze threatened Arnab Goswami in the elevator saying that, “Now we will give you the shoe treatment”. 

It is no secret that Sachin Vaze was under-suspension for the last 16-years because of the case of custodial death of Khwaja Yunus. Yunus family alleged in Court that Sachin Vaze brutally tortured Yunus in police custody that led to his untimely death. I wonder whether ‘Now we will give you the shoe treatment’ referred to intimidating Arnab Goswami of custodial torture.

That was not all the intimidation and threatening language used on Arnab Goswami. In fact, Sachin Vaze had the audacity to tell Arnab Goswami with the cocky confidence of a man with an extreme belief in the power he wielded, “Why to show in your media when the rest of the media is with us.”

The mere fact that Sachin Vaze states that ’Rest of the media is with us’, two questions come to mind. Which are the rest of the media who are with Sachin Vaze in this diabolic act and who is the ‘us’ that Vaze is referring to. 

In fact there some actions taken by the police during the arrest of Arnab Goswami while on route to Alibaug that raises serious questions. Firstly, the van in which Arnab was first transported from his home, stopped at the Mahim bus stop. Then Arnab was kicked by a police officer and forced to go into an unmarked vehicle. I cannot understand the need of the Mumbai Police to change the vehicle and that to an unmarked vehicle. Shockingly, in the unmarked vehicle, he was asked to sit in the last row and not sit near the window in the van. More importantly, no cars were allowed to follow Arnab Goswami in the unmarked vehicle.

During the transfer of Arnab Goswami from Alibaug Prison to Taloja Jail there too there was a change of vehicle at the ground near Alibaug Prison. Here Arnab Goswami was shifted into a van that was draped in full black cloth and tarpaulin cover with fifteen full armed police officers. On route, Arnab Goswami got an opportunity provided by Providence to share his fears and apprehensions to the Republic TV crew following him. Arnab Goswami urged the people to see the truth of what was happening to him. He feared for his life.

The intention of the Mumbai Police in particular Sachin Vaze on the day of the arrest of Arnab Goswami and throughout his ordeal in jail was to break Arnab Goswami in body but most of all in spirit. Sachin Vaze did not act on his own. He was instructed to act. To plan and then bring down Arnab Goswami and the Republic Media Network. 

Now however for Sachin Vaze, the tide has changed by an act of fate and faith. The man who was brought in to hunt down Arnab Goswami is now being hunted and shunted by the very people he was working for as a hired hunter.

Sachin Vaze’s fate will be that of a pawn that will be sacrificed in the large chess game unfolding. 

Sachin Vaze must be punished for his actions, more so because according to sources in the NIA are investigating that his act of putting explosives in a car near Antilia is linked to a terror plot. The only way forward for Sachin Vaze would be, to tell the truth to the investigators and people of India. He must expose the people involved in the higher echelons of power that are a part of the political-police extortion racket and the terror plot that was reportedly foiled.

Param Bir Singh’s letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray exposes Sachin Vaze as being an errand boy in a police uniform to collect Rs 100 crore for the Home Minister of Maharashtra from 1750 bars, restaurants, and other business establishments in Mumbai.


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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