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Young Maid Commits Suicide in Margao

A 20-year old housemaid who was working in a house near the military camp committed suicide by hanging to a rafter at her residence in Monti Dongor locality on Thursday evening. She took this step after she was called again by the Margao Police for inquiry in a theft case.
The girl’s father Fakruddin Shaikh informed that that the house owner where the girl was working came to their place as the girl did not go for work. “He also said that ornaments including two gold chains and a bracelet were also missing from the house”, the father added.

Shaikh further informed that he along with his wife and daughter went to the owner’s house Thursday morning after which they went to the Margao police station for an inquiry.
“My daughter informed the police that she was not involved in the theft. The police warned her to speak the truth or else she would be inside the jail for six years”, he said adding that the girl was called again to the police station on Friday for inquiry.
Meanwhile, Margao Police Inspector Santosh Desai said that the girl and her parents, alongwith the house owner had come to the police station at around 1 p.m. Desai also said that when the owner informed the police about the missing gold ornaments, they immediately registered a case of theft. He also admitted that the girl was called again for an inquiry.

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