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Young Vrushab’s Talent Shines

Vrushab Sansguiri a IX standard student of Manovikas High School, held an exhibition of his paintings that dazzled everybody present as his talent for painting was palpable.
His paintings touched varied subjects ranging from portraits, landscapes, monuments, nature and abstract. The 28 paintings on display are Vrushab’s works since 2008 and include pencil portrait of Charles Dickens done as a project in school.

 ‘My Goal’ that was selected for the State Art Exhibition held at Kala Academy in December last year, the black and white sketch of Michael Jackson that was  selected for the Café Al Fresco at the Sunapranta Art Gallery, and his painting of Lord Ganesha titled ‘The Meditating One’ which was selected at the Ruchika Art Gallery are also on display and are not for sale.

Accomplished painter Mahendra Alvares was highly impressed with Vrushab’s talent and saw a lot of potential in this young lad. “The sky is the limit for him,” he said adding that he could bring laurels to the State. Vrushab’s pencil portrait of Charles Dickens that was done as a school project was the one that impressed Alvares the most.
Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar who inaugurated the exhibition congratulated the young painter for the range of his paintings. “From nature to social issues like pollution are also highlighted by him and that is truly appreciable,” he said.
MLA Damodar Naik expressed confidence that the Legislative Assembly of Goa would one day adopt a motion congratulating Vrushab for his achievements.
His principal Tereza Almeida who was also present spoke highly about Vrushab’s talent and disclosed that the painter was also sensitive as required by those of the artistic bent and disclosed that her school gives the students the freedom to explore their own talent.
Incidentally, the school has given Vrushab grace marks to make up for the days that he lost due to his participation in various painting activities that ultimately brought him the Gomant Bal Bhushan award.
Of the 28 paintings on display at Ravindra Bhavan, nine are acrylic on canvas and some of them like the One in a Million and Flow of Colours are truly dazzling, while ‘Still Life’ would look great on any sitting room wall.
There are five paintings using oil on canvas, three are pencil works on paper, five water colours on paper and two of these pictures are on water and there is one painting using acrylic on paper and one using poster colours on paper.
How prolific Vrushab is can be gauged from the fact that he completed the painting titled ‘Me as Him’ juxtaposing the image of Gautam Buddha just on the eve of the exhibition.
Vrushab’s father Harshad Sansguiri who is a painter himself and whose grandfather Mangesh Kenkre was a teacher of arts at the Lyceum disclosed that Vrushab’s talent was first spotted when he won the first prize at a painting competition organized by Alliance Bajaj even though he was studying in the II standard then.
While lamenting that no shops in Margao stock the requirements of a painter, he however was glowing with pride at the response his son’s paintings evoked and the trouble taken to travel to Panjim to get the material seemed trivial.
The confidence exuded by Vrushab at the exhibition in explaining his paintings to the guest, proposing the vote of thanks and fielding questions from media persons indicate that here is an artist who has a bright future.
However, for Vrushab, painting will be a hobby as he has set his eyes on becoming a designer. But that he will be in arts is definite.

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