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Your Data is not in safe hands

Don’t be western, be modernly smart

Many times, you must have gone through some of the other glitches while carrying out transactions. It might be that you face issues with receiving OTP (one-time password) or you are entering your OTP in a specified time yet you are not taken to the page of your concern. Most often we take these problems very lightly, but should we take this immense issue of our data being hacked by some or the other way in such a lighter sense?

Hackers these days read your messages and we as commoners cannot even smell this cheating being done to us. Messages released by companies or banks to the concerned mobile numbers are not reaching the customers of those concerned firms and the hackers take advantage of it.

To break a transaction, you must be frequently using OTP being received on your phone. During this process often you might not get OTP, this is a matter of serious concern as this directs towards cheating being done or likely to be done. Originally a cybersecurity expert made a big revelation on a new method of hackers these days where they use their phones to steal your data through your SMS and other messaging portals if any.

As per a cybersecurity expert, hackers to target any individual try to hack the messages being sent by the business companies to individual’s cell phones. As we see there remain many glitches in those messages, it becomes a cakewalk for them to hack those messages and read and steal your data. Then they divert those messages to other cell phones which are out of our reach. This is like a diversion being done. The messages are released by the banks or companies, but they do not reach the person concerned many times and it gets diverted to the hacker’s contact number.

Hackers do these illegal acts just by paying INR 1190!! This conspiracy of hacking was brought to light when a Reporter of Motherboard Joseph Cox was taken at gunpoint by a hacker. The hacker very easily stole his data and read all the SMSs on his phone and then redirected it to his cell phone. The weirdest thing about the incident is that the hackers get this service just by doing payment of $19 i.e., INR 1190. This is a really small amount to pay. However, in Cox’s case, the service provider said that they have resolved the issue, yet they can take place sometimes.

As per cyber expert Ritesh Bhatiya, the companies which deal with providing SMS service to consumers are hacked by hackers. This most of the time includes companies like Jio, Airtel, Idea where it becomes easy for hackers to hack the system and steal the important data of the consumer. Through the automated systems, they redirect the messages to other cell phones of theirs. This procedure is called EXPLODE.

If talking about how to get rid of this or how to protect ourselves from such hackers and data stealers, it is advisable to go with the apps that are authentic enough. For instance, one can use google pay for payments as on visiting their site, they will not ask for OTP and the payment can be made or received with ease without having any malicious intentions of the data stealers. Not every app gives a service to send OTP to the concerned email address.

However, we live in a modern and much western era today, the ratio of cheating and malicious data manipulation has also increased with a huge tide. We need to be careful of these high tides and keep ourselves safe by not falling into any kind of suspicious or doubtful activity which can harm us on another side.

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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