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Youth Congress demands Ban on Sri Ram Sena

Joining the collective voices demanding a ban on the controversial organisation Sri Ram Sena, Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC) has  demanded that the government ban the right-wing group who plans to set up its outfit in Goa and also aggressively promote its dictates in the state.

Speaking on the issue, Pratima Coutinho, president, GPYC said, “Goa is a liberal state and people of different religions and communities have been living in harmony for many years. We don’t need anti-social elements like Pramod Mutalik trying to moral police us of maintaining our culture.”

“The reason the likes of Sri Ram Sena can even voice such anti-social statements is because the BJP government is under the control of such Hindu organisations, therefore till today the government is not giving the people of Goa a definite answer on their stance on this organisation and giving lame excuses that it is a constitutional right for anyone to set up an organisation in any part of India. This clearly shows their double speak,” expressed Coutinho.

The Sri Ram Sena organisation is expected to set up it unit in Goa in September this year. Pramod Mutalik in his speech at the Hindu Nation Convention in Goa spoke about how the pub and club culture is westernising the young girls of the state and it is time to retain our Hindu culture and tradition. It may be recalled that the Sri Ram Sena group was the group that attacked young women and men at a Bangalore pub, some years ago in the name of upholding the Hindu culture.

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