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Youth needs to take inspiration from Netaji’s life & strive towards building a New India: Naidu

New Delhi: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said that youths of the country should take inspiration from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s life and be in the forefront of building a new India.
Speaking on the occasion of releasing the book, ‘NETAJI—India’s Independence and British Archives’, he said that a prominent role played by Netaji in the freedom struggle and his dynamic and courageous leadership during the freedom movement will continue to be a major source of inspiration to the people, particularly the youth.
Referring to International Youth Day on Wednesday, Mr Naidu called upon the youth to take inspiration from the life of Netaji and strive towards building a New India.

Observing that the book contains some interesting documents that throw light on the great contribution made by Netaji to India’s freedom movement, he emphasized the need for our younger generation to be aware of India’s history.
“The stories of valor and sacrifices made by freedom fighters from across the country should be highlighted in the text-books, the Vice President added.
The Vice President said that there were many shades and facets of freedom movement which need to be taught to the younger generation. “Many people from different parts of India made sacrifices for our independence. Their stories should also be highlighted”, he added.
He further said Netaji was proud of India’s civilizational values, history and culture and he strongly believed that great nations have to shape their own destinies. “He sought to re-kindle this spirit among the people”, he added
“Shri Bose was also of the firm conviction that we are all Indians first and the sub-identities based on religion, region, caste and language must not be allowed to override the primary Indian identity”, Mr Naidu said.

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