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Twitter suspends Online Activist’s account for exposing Rajdeep Sardesai

Popular social media site Twitter had suspended the account of online activist Suresh Nakhua – who demanded that Rajdeep Sardesai – a renowned Indian journalist – be sacked for his indecent and hooligan behaviour with Non Resident Indians (NRIs) at the Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Goan-origin journalist Sardessai abused & attacked NRI first

Contrary to the misinformation being circulated on mainstream and social media in some quarters in India and Globally, through our sources present at the Madison Square garden have procured a video-footage of what transpired during those few minutes of scuffle between the former CNN-IBN head honcho Rajdeep Sardessai of Goan origin now consulting editor India Today and NRIs attending the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s event in New York.

PM Modi’s ‘Opinion Article’ on Wall Street Journal

There is a high tide of hope for change in India. This May, across India’s immense diversity, 1.25 billion people spoke unequivocally for political stability, good governance and rapid development. India has a government with a majority in the Lok Sabha, our lower house of parliament, for the first time in 30 years.

PM Modi arrives in New York to a RockStar Frenzy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in New York amidst mass-frenzy of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) waiting for his arrival at the hotel. He was received at the JFK Airport by Dr. S Jaishankar, Ambassador of India in the United States.