Goa Chronicle

We are a global online news portal publishing out of India. 

We focus on hardcore investigations into social, political and economic issues in globally. We use traditional methods of intelligence gathering coupled with ground-level research and wide-network of operatives globally.

Our investigations are principled around the vision that we are working for a Better India and a Better World. We believe in the Journalism of Truth.

Global governments read our investigations and news. People who seek the truth on social, political and economic issues in India and globally read our investigative features.

We are viewed in over 120 countries across the world. We have over half-million subscribers globally.

GoaChronicle.com is owned and published by Kaydence Media Ventures Private Limited.

Savio Rodrigues – Founder & Editor-in-Chief

GoaChronicle team is led by Savio Rodrigues.

He comes with over 25-years experience in media and journalism. He has worked in India and Middle East markets. 

He has impeccable reputation for being a nationalist and taking up social issues in India and globally in the interest of nation and humanity.

He is also respected for his crusades against corruption, fight against sexual abuses in the Catholic Church, exposing the agenda of global terrorism and investigations into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kaydence Media Ventures Private Limited

Kaydence Media Ventures is a startup media company focussed on conceptualising, creating and publishing global online media products.

KMV also owns and publish the online media portals IndianExpose.com, Incubees.com and soon to be launched TamilNaduChronicle.com.

The company is headquartered in Goa. It has satellite offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Srinagar in India. It has an international satellite office in Ajman, UAE

For more details: Visit www.kaydencemedia.com


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