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Patnem-Colomb Beach

Bored with the monotonous buzz of life, I was up for an adventure on a long festive weekend, somewhere away from the city and the noise that comes with it.. some place quiet, tranquil and heavenly. After a little research, I closed in on my weekend getaway destination, the Patnem-Colomb Beach.

Sao Jacinto Island

If you are a nature lover, and are up for a short drive to experience a relatively untouched ecological conservation in Goa; one of the rare places that has escaped commercialization is the Sao Jacinto island.

Flare for Hair Care

Shampooing Use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to remove hair color build-up that weighs hair down. All clarifying shampoos and most dandruff shampoos will remove artificial hair color. For thicker hair...

Carambolim Lake

Being a stickler for nature and serene surroundings, I decided to venture out on a lovely Sunday morning from Panjim to one of the most remarkably tranquil destination of Goa, the Carambolim Lake, a scenic Reservoir fringed by lush greenery and known to be one of the most interesting and picturesque wildlife preservation in Goa. Located 12 Kms from Panjim, near Karmali Railway Station on the Konkan Route just a few kilometers south-east of Old Goa, it was a scenic drive through the countryside of Karmali, which usually has good transportation availability.