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Patnem-Colomb Beach

Bored with the monotonous buzz of life, I was up for an adventure on a long festive weekend, somewhere away from the city and the noise that comes with it.. some place quiet, tranquil and heavenly. After a little research, I closed in on my weekend getaway destination, the Patnem-Colomb Beach.

Sao Jacinto Island

If you are a nature lover, and are up for a short drive to experience a relatively untouched ecological conservation in Goa; one of the rare places that has escaped commercialization is the Sao Jacinto island.

Flare for Hair Care

Shampooing Use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to remove hair color build-up that weighs hair down. All clarifying shampoos and most dandruff shampoos will remove artificial hair color. For thicker hair...