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Shakti cannot be defeated Rahul Gandhi


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No politician, no adharmic force, and no human force can defeat Shakti.

Shakti is the Divine Mother.

She is the energy that conceived the universe. She is the wisdom behind the intricacies of nature. She is the knowledge that nurtures every form of life.

Without Shakti, there would be no nature, no humanity, and no existence of life itself.

She is the wisdom of God. She holds all of creation together. She is the maternal instinct that resides in every creation.

Shakti is imprinted in every consciousness in this world. To know the truth about Shakti is to be blessed with the Wisdom of the Divine Mother because she is Wisdom.

The abode of Shakti is Bharat. Shakti resides in the soul of Bharat.

We are all irrespective of our religious beliefs, daughters and sons of Bharat; and in Bharat lies the energy of Shakti – the Divine Mother. Therefore in each one of us, lies the spiritedness of the Divine Mother. But most of us do not see it and most fail to accept it, even if they feel the touch of the motherly divine energy.

A manifestation of the energy of the Divine Mother is Bharat Mata.

For decades, India has been shackled under colonial bondage. These bondages have reshaped our attitudes, thoughts, and most of all actions towards the Divine Mother. Shakti remained hidden because our colonial masters ensured that Sanatana Dharma remained inconsequential in India.

Bharat descended into chaos when it faced untold horrors, especially towards its women. This happened when adharmic forces fought and thought they defeated dharmic forces. India is still witnessing such horrors against women in several states. Leaders in those states, some of whom are also women walk the path of adharmic intent and have scant regard for the Sacred Feminine.

Shakti is the force that conserves the principles of Sanatana Dharma. It is the Divine Mother that brings the realization of Sanatana Dharma to those who seek her in humility and reverence.

Where Shakti prevails, women are respected and honored. Where Shakti does not prevail, women are disrespected and dishonored.

Rahul Gandhi in a speech last evening, shared his intention to defeat Shakti. His utterance is an indication of the lack of spiritual knowledge and religious knowledge he possesses. But more sadly, it is an insult to the forces of Shakti that reside in his own home. I may disagree with Sonia Gandhi politically and have scant respect for Priyanka Vadra’s self-claimed political acumen but I would never disrespect the force of ‘Shakti’ within them. It is the force of Shakti in Sonia Gandhi that continues to keep faith in her incompetent son to fulfill his and her ambition. There is no greater love for a child than that of a mother.

Shakti cannot be defeated. Divine Mother is eternal. The knowledge of the Divine Mother has spread from Bharat to the rest of the world and Sanatana Dharma is the vehicle that transports the wisdom of the Divine Mother everywhere.

Bharat has always worshipped and respected Shakti because it is what Sanatana Dharma has taught us. You cannot eradicate Sanatana Dharma from Bharat and you cannot defeat Shakti.

India is rising as Bharat because it is the children of ‘Bharat Mata’ who want to world to honor, respect, and love the true nature of ‘Shakti’. Bharat’s son, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is doing his duty to the Divine Mother. The power of Shakti is getting strong in Bharat and it is the positive energy of Shakti that is fuelling the future growth of Bharat globally.

Shakti is the power in all the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters of Bharat. That energy cannot be defeated and neither can it be kept hidden anymore. It is time to glorify the Divine Mother in all her glory and benevolence. We exist because She exists.

As Bharat Mata rises for the world to see, so will Shakti rise and engulf the world, and this time there will be no inquisition from foreign forces to brand followers of the Divine Mother as heretics and put them to death.

It is the time of Sacred Feminine. Divine Mother is making her presence felt in Bharat and around the world.

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