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A COVID-19 patient is not an untouchable!

In a crisis you get to see the true character of a human. Some will rise up to the occasion to restore our faith in humanity; and some will behave inhumanly to crush our inherent belief in humanity.

The coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis that has devastated lives globally. It has brought the entire world to a brink of a socio-economic abysmal.

We need to deal with this health crisis with a heart of a human first. We need to reach into the deepest resources of the goodness within us and spread positivity around those who are living in fear and those who need care.

A COVID-19 positive patient is not an untouchable. No human is responsible for being infected by the coronavirus. No human knows the reason for their infection.

The coronavirus is spreading around the world, spreading in our country and spreading in our state.

Don’t hate a person for being a COVID-19 positive patient. Some people you know or do not know will get affected but they do not deserve our ridicule, condescension or hate.

It is a sickness. It could have affected you. But it has not. God has been kind to you and your family. So we should also show kindness to others less fortunate who have been infected by the coronavirus.

Today a person is a COVID-19 patient. Tomorrow the patient will recover and come back home. We need to surround them with positivity while dealing with such a crisis.

We must understand the pain in their minds and hearts, fear of spreading the virus to their loved ones, not being able to connect with their loved ones in order to keep them safe. Fear of being ostracised by their community. We do not understand the mental trauma of a COVID-19 patient. We need to be empathetic. 

We must be humans first. We must see a COVID-19 patient as a human too.

We as a nation and as a planet are witnessing an unprecedented time in our lives. It is a crisis, we will live to tell our future generations about. We will survive, if we fight this virus together as guided by our humanness. 

Reach out to the people who need care. Reach out and spread positivity at this time of negativity.

We humans need to be there for our other humans. That’s how will we survive. That’s how we will win.

No COVID-19 patient is an untouchable. No COVID-19 patient is a criminal. The patient has not done anything wrong.

Reach out to the humanness in you to see the truth. You will find that we have to deal with the coronavirus individually and collectively.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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