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A diverse start-up moving towards sustainability: Panchgavya Diyas


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Panchgavya products, launched by 2 siblings: 23 year old Divya Sadhwani and her brother- 19 year old Chitransh Sadhwani from Ahmedabad. Aiming to give employment to people in the villages and to give a boost to the economy. They launched a start-up called Nandi Panchgavya Pvt Ltd by introducing Diyas. These panchgavya diyas are made from cow dung, milk, cow urine, curd and ghee which works as a purifier, cleansing the air around you. Founder of Nandi Panchgavya- Divya Sadhwani is a communication student and an idea popped to her, where she wanted to extend support to the villagers and for the cows to save them from being slaughtered or abandonment. After she met with some students from IIT Mumbai, they came together to build a machine which makes panchgavya diyas and the machine is given to the villagers.

Picture Credits- Nirmana News (Ahmedabad)

What is the product about?

In an interview to a media channel, both Divya & Chitransh explained in detail about their product.

Panchgavya means pure ghee from cows-cow dung, curd and any product which is made out curd. All products made out of these elements are called ‘Panchgavya’ products. Panchgavya has many health benefits and panchgavya divya in specific, works like an air sanitizer, on lighting the diya the flame releases a mixture of cow dung and ghee producing oxygen and no carbon emission, also increasing oxygen levels and it is very good for one’s immunity. The Havans that are done in our home contains the same elements as of in a Samagri.

  • Diya is like a mini Havan also proving to be
  • very beneficial for health
  • Panchgavya is also creating jobs
  • Panchgavya has patented machines which have been given to the villagers for further production of diyas, utilizing the cows in the villages
  • The villagers have an earning of 15k to 20k royalty or commission which is fixed for as many diyas sold by them.

Employment generation: Panchgavya has started their project, going to different villages in places like Assam , Gujarat, Rajasthan giving machines to the villagers. The machines can produce 200 to 300 diyas, and the aim is to hand out about One thousand machines in the next six months. One machine in a 12 hour shift can produce- 1200 diyas then monthly a production of 10 lakh diyas can be achieved. Focus is to let every home have these diyas, for benefits, and in a month if a customer buys even 2 boxes, it gives a stable wage to those making the diyas helping them to become atma nirbhar.

Saving the cattle: A cow is saved from being slaughtered this way, cows that stop producing milk are abandoned, so by utilizing them and bringing out an innovative solution like this would save them. These diyas are made in India

  • are eco-friendly
  • full blown diyas
  • one time use
  • The residue that it leaves behind is black ash which can be put in plants, as it works like a fertilizer, manure- boosting your immunity. Panchgavya will launch more products in the coming future, once the diyas reach millions panchgavya plans to launch more products like- oil, ghee, dhoop (incense sticks) , agarbattis (woodsticks)

Diyas are approved by Government, GST free. Government will also promote it without charging GST. Every youngster should come together, biggest democracy, let us take a step forward and make our nation great.

A tradition in India of lighting a diya exists for over centuries, this also having science- proven benefits. The tradition has been lost, and there are just several households upholding this tradition nowadays. To bring it back and to let people know the importance of diyas, bringing back the religion and customs while also adding advantages to it. As the pandemic hit us, people have realized the importance of oxygen and a pure air around them, and these diyas come as a solution. It is time to go eco-friendly.

Advantages of lighting Gobar Diyas (Cow Dung)

  • Diyas are often considered to spread positive vibes
  • Diyas are chemical free
  • Improves oxygen levels

The ingredients are also widely available such as: ghee diyas, cow dung

IIT Mumbai: process of making the diya is quite a simple one, begins with mixing 1ltr of cow urine with 200grm of cow dung which is remaining and is soaked throughout the night.

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