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A specimen of hate named Mahua Moitra!


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I like Mahua Moitra. She speaks her mind energetically, sometimes over energetically.

It takes courage to speak one’s mind. But sadly, if the mind is filled with virulent hate then the mind will only spew hate. The constant spewing of uncalled-for hate reeks of a mental imbalance in Mahua Moitra.

Speaking one’s mind does not give any parliamentarian the right to abuse another parliamentarian in the temple of democracy. And then have the shamelessness to justify it.

I interacted with Mahua Moitra when she was down in Goa. She appears to be an intelligent parliamentarian. It baffles me to think that a woman of her intelligence can be devoid of objectivity and consumed by pure dislike and hate.

Her vitriolic attacks against the BJP and against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government often lacks substance but is undoubtedly filled with unabashed rhetoric.

I come from a school of thought that I will listen to everyone because in a democracy it is incumbent on us to listen to all views even though they might be contrary to our views. I listen to all parliamentarians with rapped attention in order to learn what to speak and what not to speak in political matters. I have listened to Mahua Moitra too. There is no doubt that she is articulate and speaks with some knowledge on some subjects but most times her arrogant tonality and her misplaced belief in her own self-righteousness often dilute the opposing points she wants to raise against the NDA-led government.

I remember, in January 2015, Mahua Moitra showed her middle finger to Arnab Goswami when he was Editor-in-Chief of Times Now. In the heated discussion, Mahua continued to tell Arnab to let her finish her sentence. She lost her mind and told him to ‘talk to yourself and not invite anybody’ on his show while showing him the middle finger.

Mahua Moitra’s recent use of the word ‘Harami’ in parliament and her blatant stupid explanation to justify the use of the word ‘Harami’ and its Arabic connotation should be noted in history books as the worst defense by a parliamentarian in Indian democracy to justify the use of an unparliamentary and vulgar word in the temple of democracy. She made a fool out of herself in parliament and an even bigger fool of herself when she tried to justify it.

Mahua should grow up and learn to accept her mistake. She was wrong to use the word ‘Harami’ in parliament. The only thing she needs to do is apologize and move on. But her ‘colonial’ hangoverish attitude will not allow her to apologize for her unruly and unparliamentary behavior. In her mind, she will be demeaned in front of her fans and admirers who fuel her hate towards the BJP. It will be considered be

Whether Mahua likes or dislikes BJP is immaterial to me. But what is most important to me is that Mahua is a parliamentarian and a young parliamentarian that too. Indians in India and around the world keep an eye on the proceedings that happen in parliament. That is not the example an Indian parliamentarian needs to set in front of other Indians. There is a decorum expected in the temple of democracy and her brash abusive behavior is unbecoming of a parliamentarian.

Prior to the ‘Harami’ episode, she spoke very eloquently on ‘Whose the Pappu Now?’. While she was trying to put the Indian government on the backfoot and insinuating that they are the real ‘Pappus’. Unfortunately for her, India was in no mood to dethrone India’s ‘Real Pappu’. His rambling was rib-tickling funny whether he was walking across the country for his Bharat Jodo Yatra or sitting at home whiling away his time.

In August 2018, Mahua Moitra was accused of assaulting a female constable of Assam Police at Silchar airport. As per reports, an argument took place between the police and the delegation leading to a physical assault on the police officials. If you look at the video, you will be shocked at the behavior of Mahua. Again an incident that could have been avoided if she was humble enough to control her mouth and her ego.

One of her most condescending jibes at the BJP parliamentarians was in May 2021, when she said, “Welcome to our Susu Potty Republic! Drink Gaumutra, smear cow dung & flush the rule of law down the toilet. Delhi Police issued a notice to Twitter & land up in their offices for rightly calling out @BJP’s fake document as manipulated media. Go figure.”

Mahua Moitra is pure hate. Even when she speaks it is not a passionate speech it is a speech made with intense hate, anger, and a false sense of entitlement. I hope she is able to understand that you can play to galleries sometimes but there will come a time when the galleries want to see a new antagonist. Every Komalika gets knocked off the pedestal by a Nitya Nanda or Jigyasa as we have seen in Indian soap operas.

I hope for her own good she introspects and calms down. Hate begets hate.


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