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Aarey Christian Cemetery Land Not Acquired but Realigned


Mumbai: The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has not acquired but realigned its plot line to exclude the Church cemetery after its August 6th notification plan for the Mumbai Rail Development Authority (MMRDA) Metro Bhavan project.

The confusion created by the August 6 notification showed that MCGM had planned its Metro Bhavan on some parts of the land allotted to the Christian cemetery. However in its Corrigendum notification dated September 25th 2019 it only shows that its has realigned the proposed Metro Bhavan site to exclude the cemetery plot from its plans while retaining the 5000 square meters plot for the Christian cemetery.

Next to Christian cemetery, is a cemetery for Muslims and a crematorium for Hindus.

Here is the image of the Metro Bhavan plan on August 6th 2019








Here is the image of the realigned Metro Bhavan plan according to its corrigendum of September 25th 2019








The proposed acquisition of the cemetery land for the MMRDA Metro Bhavan had upset the Christian community that has fought for years to get this land for a burial ground for the Christian community to bury the dead.

The United Christian Community had vehemently fought for the land and the Bombay High Court in its judgement in Public Interest Litigation No. 66 of 2017 had allotted the land to the Christian community


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